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Ancient Iranian Art, Archaeology & Architecture





Prehistory/Proto Elamite (from 8,000BCE)

Elamite Period (3400-550 BCE)

Jiroft Period (Aratta? Kingdom?) (~2,500 BCE)



Median Dynasty (728-550 BCE)

Achaemenid Dynasty (550-333 BCE)

Post-Achaemenid/Proto-Parthian Period (333-248 BCE)

Arsacid/Parthian Dynasty (248 BCE- 224 CE)

Sasanian Dynasty (224-651 CE)



Miscellaneous & Ethnoarchaeology

Persian Carpet

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Prehistory / Proto-Elamite (from 8,000BCE)

Burnt City, a Great Civilization in a Small Desert, by N. Zafar-Ardalan

Excavations of Bronze Age Funerary Sites in Arran Province (Republic of Azerbaijan), by G. Goscharly, D. Maynard, R. Moore & N. Musei

Ganj Par: The First Evidence for Lower Paleolithic Occupation in the Southern Caspian Basin, by F.Biglari, S. Heydari & S. Shidrang

Glazed Bricks from Bukan (Iran): New Insights into Mannaean Art, by Y. Hassanzadeh 

Geoy Tepe, by Prof. E. Negahban

Haftavân Tepe, by C. Burney

Hasanlu Golden Bowl, by R. H. Dyson JR

Iron age in Iran, by O. White Muscarella

Neolithic Age in Iran, by F. Hole

New Research on the Palaeolithic of Lurestan, West Central Iran, by K. Roustaei, F. Biglari, S. Heydari & H. Vahdatinasab

Niasar Cave, a Man-Made Mithra Temple, by S. Razmjou & B. Amin Tafreshi

Ozbaki Historical Site, 9000 Years of Civilization, by Y. Majidzadeh

Prehistoric Village of Meymand (Photo Essay)

Pre-Median Archaeology: History & Method of Research, by T. C. Young


Elamite Period (3400 - 550 BCE)

Archaeological Discoveries at Susa, by: E. Babelon

Choghâzanbil; A Large Temple for God, by M. R. Chitsâz

Cosmological & Ideological Aspects of the Arjan Bowl, by Javier Alvarez-Mon


Jiroft Period (Aratta Kingdom?) (~2,500 BCE) (Under Construction)

Jiroft & Aratta Kingdom, by R. Covington


Median Dynasty (728 -550 BCE)

Median Archaeology: History & Method of Research, by D. Stronach

Ecbatana, by S. C. Brown

Median and Achaemenid Archaeology, by D. Stronach

Achaemenid Dynasty (550 - 330 BCE)

Achaemenid Archaeology: History & Method of Research, by D. Stronach

Achaemenid Dascylium, by M. Weiskopf

International Achaemenid Style (The), by A. S. Melikian-Chirvani

Dokkân-e Davûd, by H. Von Gall

Naqsh-i Rustam, by U. Seidl 

Pasargadae, by D. Stronach

Pasargadae, the Oldest Imperial Capital of Iran, by Prof. A. Sami (Under Construction)

Persepolis, by: D. Stronach & K. Codella

Persepolis Elamite Tables, by M. Dandamayev

Tomb of Cyrus the Great, by A. Zournatzi

Winged Figure of Pasargadae, CAIS


Post Achaemenid / Proto-Parthian (333-248 BCE)

Post-Achaemenid Archaeology: History & Method of Research, by K. Schippmann


Parthian Dynasty (Arsacids: 248 BCE - 224 CE)

Archaeological Expedition in Parthian City of Nisa, Year 2000

Dura Europas, its' Archaeology and History, by P. Leriche

Essential Characteristics of Parthian and Sasanian Glyptic Art (The), by N. C. Debevoise

Excavations of Staraia Nisa, by V. N. Pilipko

Indo-Parthian Beginnings of Gandhara Sculpture (The), by C. Fabrégues

Kuh-e Khwajeh (Mount Khajeh), by Kh. Bahrami

Parthian Archaeology in Mainland Iran: History & Method of Research, by K. Schippmann

Parthian Architecture, by E. J. Keall

Parthian Monuments of the Greater-Iran: Transcaucasia and Central Asia, by B. Brentjes

Parthian Temple from Tell-e Tuneinir, Syria, by M. Fuller

Verjuy Mithra Temple, the Oldest Surviving Mithraist Temple in Iran, by A. Tavakoli

Zahak Castle, by B. Amin-Tafreshi


Sasanian Dynasty (224 CE - 651 CE)

A Sassanian Iconography of the Den, by G. Gnoli

Armenian Fire Temple of Ani

At the Roots of the Sasanian Royal Imagery: The Persepolis Graffiti; by: P. Callieri

Ayvan (or Taq)-e Khosrow (Ctesiphone), by E. J. Keall

Bandian, A Sasanian Fire-Temple Complex

Bishapur a City in the Heart of History; Silkroad, a quarterly on tourism and Iranian studies

Cave of Emperor Shapur in Village of Sasan, CAIS

The Classification of Sasanian Silver Vessels, by S. Suren-Pahlav (Under Construction)

Ctesiphon (Tisfun), the Imperial Capital of Parthian & Sasanian Dynasties, by J. Kröger [ Gif File ]

Dokhtar-e Nôshervân, by M. Mode

Enigmatic Relationship of Ancient Ural Culture with Sasanian Dynasty, by: S. Kameneva

Essential Characteristics of Parthian and Sasanian Glyptic Art (The), by N. C. Debevoise

Identification of the King of Kings in the upper register of the Larger Grotte, Taq-i Bustan: Ardashir III Restated (The), by K. Tanabe

Sasanian Archaeology, by D. Huff

Sasanian Architecture (mainland-Iran & Mesopotamia), by Prof. D. Huff

Sasanian Palaces & Their Influences in Early Islamic Architecture, by L. Bier

Sasanian Rock Reliefs, by Dr G. Hermann & Dr V. S. Curtish

Takht-e Soleyman, by Prof. D. Huff


Miscellaneous & Ethnoarchaeology

Ancient Monuments of Fars, by Prof. Dietrich Huff

"Animal Style" Art and the Image of the Horse and Rider, by K. S. Rubinson

Archaeological Teams in Iran, By: M. Yazdani

Archaeology of Arran Province (today Known as the Republic of Azerbaijan), by M. N. Pogrebova

Art of Ancient Iran, Pre-Islamic Culture, by E. Porada

Art of Granulation in Early Iranian Gold Jewellery, by: R. K. Maxwell-Hyslop

Bronze Ewers of Craftsman Ahmad, by J. Ya. Ilyasov

Burning of Persepolis by Alexander of Macedon, by: Diodorus

Cause and Prevention of Stone Decay at Archaeological Sites in Iran (The), by: S. Z. Lewin

Destroying a Treasure; The Sad Story of A Persian Manuscript, by: S. Malekian

Development of the Fire Temple (The), by K. Schippmann

Dome in Iranian Architecture, by B. O'Kane

Dwelling Houses of Bukhara in the Early Middle Ages, by: G.L. Semenov

Egyptian Influence on Persian Art, by Ph. Huyse

Fiery Maiden (Kyz Galasy) Guards Her Secrets, by R. J. Antolak

Fire Alters, by Mark Garrison

Gach-Bori: The Origin & History of Plasterwork (Stucco) in Iran, by S. S. Blair

Gothic Architecture and Persian Origins, by Prof. A. U. Pope

Hamadân, Pre-Islamic Monuments, by Ali Mousavi

Heroic Fights and Dying Heroes - The Orlat Battle Plague and the Roots of Sogdian Art, by: M, Mode

High Relief Decoration on Ancient Iranian Metal Vessels: Development and Influence, by P. R. S. Moorey

Imperial Iranian Architecture From Achaemenids to Sasanians, by G. R. H. Wright

Interpretation of a Bronze Figurine of Warrior from Gigatl' (Daghestan), by: Murtazali S. Gadjiev

Interpretation of Scythian, Sarmatian & Meotian-Sarmatian Motifs & Records, CAIS

Iranian Art Under Multiple Guises; The Last Terra Incognita of Major Asian Cultures, by S. Malekian

Iranian Pottery; A General Survey Based on the Prime Ministry of Iran's Collections, by M. Y. Kiani

Magic of Marlik, by Professor E.  Negahban

Panjikant, by:  Prof. B. I. Marshak

Persepolitan Legacy in India (The), by M. Stewart

Returning to Varakhsha, by A. Naymark

Role of the Sogdian Colonies in the Diffusion of the Pearl Roundels Pattern (The), by: M. Compareti

Sogdian Archaeology, by Prof. B. I. Marshak

Sogdian Coroplastics (A Note on): Two Ossuary Fragments from Afrasiab, by: A. Naymark

Southern Bactria and northern India before Islam: a review of archaeological reports; by Prof. G. Fussman

Splendor of Persia (The); the Great Kings, by R. Payne

Two Intertwined Dragons from Pendzikent (on the), by: A. Santoro

Types and Forms of Ancient Jewelry from Central Asia (IV BC-IV AD), by E. Neva

Use and Production of Silks in Sogdiana, by: E. Kageyama

Various Zoroastrian Fire-Temples in Mainland-Iran & the Greater-Iran

Wind Catchers; Cooling Systems in Traditional Iranian Architecture, by P. Izadpanah & H. Zareie


Persian Carpet

Bahar-e Kasra (Baharestan Carpet), by M. G. Morony

Carpet that Captive, by R. Heidar

Gelim: An Embodiment of Iranian Taste and Art; by S. Nourizadeh

Gilim: Intricate Designs of Splendor, by N. Taslimi

Persian Carpet, The Beautiful Picture of Art in History; by: S. Nourizadeh


External Articles (From other Websites)
The Achaemenid Empire in South Asia and Recent Excavations at Akra in Northwest Pakistan (Excavation reports)


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