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The Art of Ancient Iran; Pre-Islamic Culture


By: Edith Porada

 Columbia University

With the collaboration of R. H. Dyson and contributions by C.K. Wilkinson

New York: Crown Publishers, Inc. Art of the World. 1962




Geography & Trade

Beginnings of Art

The Art of Early Urban Civilisation

The Art of Akkad & Post-Akkad periods in Western Iran; Contemporary Art Works of North-Eastern Iran

The Art of Elamites

The Bronze Luristan

Finds of the Late Second & Early Firsy Millenum BCe at Siyalk near Kashan

The Finds of Hasanlu - The Art of the Manneans

The Treasures of Ziwiye

The Art of the Medes

The Art of the Achaemenids

The Art of Seleucids

The Art of Parthians

Sasanians Art


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"History is the Light on the Path to Future"


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Encyclopaedia Iranica

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The British Institute of Persian Studies

"Persepolis Reconstructed"

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The British Museum

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The Cyrus Legacy

The Royal

Asiatic Society

In Association with

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