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By: Djalal Khaleqi-Motlaq



The eldest daughter of Afrâsîâb and wife of Sîâvakhš. In the Bundahišn (TD2, 35.21) her name is Vîspân-fryâ. In Tabarî (I, p. 604) it appears as Vasfâfarîd and Vasfafarah. In Tha´âlebî's Gh (p. 205), however, it is recorded as Kasîfarî. On that basis, one might speculate that the no longer extant Š also used this form or possibly Gîsfarî. It was perhaps considerations of prosody that led Ferdowsî to reshape the word as Farîgîs. Farîkîs is the form used in Fath b. ´Alî Bondârî's Arabic translation of the Šâh-nâma (ed. ´A. ´Azzâm, Cairo l350/1932). Later, in the surviving manuscripts of the Š, the name was changed to Farangîs, which became its established form (Šâh-nâma, ed. Khaleghi, II, p. 482).


According to the Šâh-nâma, after settling in Tûrân, Sîâvakhš married Farangîs. She was pregnant with his child when her father had her husband executed; but her own life was saved through Pîrân's mediation. Her son, Kay Khosrow, was born in Pîrân's house, and entrusted by him to herdsmen for the boy's own safety. Later, Farangîs and Kay Khosrow, by then a young man, fled to Iran with the help of Gêv (Š, ed. Khaleghi,, II, pp. 295-307, 343-75, 422-48; Tabarî, I, pp. 600-601; Tha´âlebî, Gh pp. 205-16). According to an appended account in the Š(Moscow, IV, pp. 315-18), Farîborz (brother of Sîâvakhš) persuaded a reluctant Farangîs through the mediation of Rostam to marry him at Kay Khosrow's court. 






Source/Extracted From: Encyclopaedia Iranica


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