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Zoroastrian Religion & the Ancient Iran

A Series of Lectures by Dr Oric Basirov



Paper 01 - Zoroaster's Time & Place

Paper 02 - Zoroaster's People

Paper 03 - Old Iranian Religion & Zoroastrian Reforms

Paper 04 - Persians & The Old Medo-Persian Religion

Paper 05 - Conversion of the Western-Iranians (Medes & Persians)

Paper 06 - Development of Temple Cults

Paper 07 - Establishment of Temple Cults of Fire & Divine Images

Paper 08 - Achaemenian Funerary Practices in Western Asia Minor

Paper 09 - Avesta in Western Iran up to Macedonian Conquest

Paper 10 - Avesta in Western Iran since Macedonian Conquest

Paper 11 - Zoroastrian Funerary Laws (Part I)

Paper 12 - Zoroastrian Funerary Laws (Part II)

Paper 13 - Zoroastrian Funerary Laws (Part III)

Paper 14 - Zoroastrianism in Early Jewish & Greek Sources

Evolution of the Zoroastrian Iconography

The Origin of the Pre-Imperial Iranian Peoples



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  Dr Oric Basirov


Dr Oric Basirov

Oric Basirov read Old and Middle Iranian languages (Avestan, Old Persian, Parthian, Manichaean Middle Persian and Pahlavi) at SOAS, University of London. He later obtained a BA in Art & Archaeology at SOAS, reading Zoroastrian Doctrine & History, Archaeology and Modern Iranian languages (Classical Persian and Kurdish). Later, also at SOAS, he gained a PhD for his thesis on the Evolution of the Zoroastrian Funerary Cult in Western Iran covering modern Iran, Mesopotamia and the western satrapies. He was appointed as a Research Associate at the Department of Art & Archaeology, SOAS, and as a specialist in Zoroastrian funerary remains and iconography at the Achaemenid excavations at Dascylium, western Turkey. He has been continuously involved in the research and survey of the Achaemenid funerary monuments in western Asia Minor. He is a founding member of the Society for Iranian Oral Studies and the Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies, both at SOAS. He has lectured extensively at SOAS, and occasionally at Cambridge, Melbourne and Sydney universities. His publications include ´Achaemenid Anatolia´ in Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Anatolia in the Achaemenid Period (2001), ´Evolution of Zoroastrian Iconography and Temple Culture´ in Ancient Near Eastern Studies (2001) as well as numerous articles published on CAIS website.



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"History is the Light on the Path to Future"


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