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By: Dr M D Magee

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Abstract: This article explain how Judaism was created by the Persians in the fifth century BCE. Colonists were deported into Yehud. Their reward was to have control of a temple state which collected taxes for Persia. Only priests of the temple state were Jews—a nation of priests to serve Persians.

Dr M. D. Magee



Table of Contents:



Book 1. The Crisis of Sacred History

  1. Divine Crisis

  2. Iron Age to Persian Conquest

  3. Persians to Greeks

  4. History for the Besotted

  5. Jerusalem & Judaism Before the Return

  6. Biblical Language: Hebrew & Aramaic

  7. The Evidence from Megiddo; David & Solomon

  8. King David Examined

  9. Solomon & His Temple Examined

  10. Modernist School

  11. Hebrew Goddesses & Origin of Judaism



Book 2. How Persia Created Judaism

  1. The Glory of God in The East

  2. The Communication of Israel

  3. Zoroastrian Influences on Judaism and Christianity (Part I) - Pre-Zoroastrian Iranian Religion

  4. Zoroastrian Influences on Judaism and Christianity (Part II) - Zoroastrianism: Theology

  5. Zoroastrian Influences on Judaism and Christianity (Part III) - Zoroastrianism: Practices

  6. A World State

  7. Persians' Religious Policy

  8. The Universal God

  9. Persian Influences I

  10. Angels: Winged Beings from Heaven?

  11. Herodotus on Persian: Persian Influences II



Book 3. Ezra and the Law

  1. "Returning" Exiles or Persian Colonists?

  2. The Foundation of Judaism (part I): The Work of Nehemiah and Ezra

  3. The Foundation of Judaism (part II): The Work of Nehemiah and Ezra

  4. Haggai and Zerubabel: Was Zerubabel Zoroaster?

  5. Second Law or First?

  6. Deuteronomic History and the Prophets

  7. Joshua, Josiah and the Deuteronomic Historian



Book 4. Sacred History or Phony History?


  1. Judges: a Book of the Persian Period

  2. Assyria

  3. History of Assyria

  4. The Divided Monarchy (Part I): Puzzles in the History of Israel and Judah

  5. The Divided Monarchy (Part II): Puzzles in the History of Israel and Judah

  6. The Pentateuch; Expanding Deuteronomy

  7. Genesis Myths, Mesopotamian Mythology

  8. Patriarchs Or “Returners ?” (Part I)

  9. Patriarchs Or “Returners ?” (Part II)

  10. Moses And the Exodus (Part I)

  11. Moses And the Exodus (Part II)

  12. Moses And the Exodus (Part III)

  13. The Hebrews: People of Abarnahara

  14. The Two Judahs: Yehud Benjamin and Yaudi Bar Samal



Book 5. Persian Propaganda

  1. Who Wrote the Hebrew Scriptures?

  2. The Prophets: The Persian Propagandists

  3. The Psalms  as Propaganda

  4. The Enoch Literature; Was Enoch Zoroaster?

  5. Esther and Crucification



Book 6. Dating

  1. Dating Ancient Near Eastern History (Part I)

  2. Dating: Ancient Near Eastern History (Part II)

  3. Dating Ancient Near Eastern History (Part III)

  4. Physical Evidence



Book 7. Persians and Greeks

  1. Persians & Greeks: Zoroastrian Influence on Greek Philosophy

  2. Inventing a Religion





Please note:  


1. We do not necessarily condone or endorse the views presented on this article. Our goal is to present to you any and all information related to Ancient Iran and Ancient Iranian peoples and let you be the judge.


2. Any questions or comments (only) regarding this article please email Dr M. D. Magee directly.


3. CAIS has the privilege to publish the above article for educational purposes only (Read Only). This article has been published by CAIS in accordance with the author's copyright-policy -- therefore, the ownership and copyright of this page-file remains with the author To be used for any other purposes, you must directly obtain a  written permission from the copyright owner concerned


(For more information, please refer to CAIS Copyright Policy).





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