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Please Note: We ONLY exchange links with academically oriented, cultural organisations

and scholarly-based websites, related to ancient Iran and Iranian civilisation.



1. Academic Establishment

2. Cultural Organisations & Websites

3. Zoroastrian

4. Iranian Studies (Publications)

5. Web Resources

6. Cultural News Agencies

7. Good Causes

8. Miscellaneous



1. ACADEMIC ESTABLISHMENTS, publication of documents and documentary tools relating to the history of the Ancient Iran (incl. Middle East and the Central Asia) at the time of the domination Achaemenid Dynasty between Cyrus the Great to Alexander invasion (550-320 BCE).

Archaeological Excavation at Tal-e Malâyân (Anshân)

Excavations in Arisman: Ancient Mining and Metallurgy in Western Central Iran

British Museum (The), Ancient Iran section

Institute of Archaeology University College, London (UCL).

Iranian Studies at Harvard University

Near Eastern and Asian Civilizations Department (NEAC) Royal Ontario Museum.

Oriental Institute (The) -- The Chicago University

Pasargad Heritage Foundation, An independent organisation for protection of Iranian cultural heritage based in USA.

Persepolis/Ancient Iran - The Detroit Institute of Arts.

Research Center for Conservation of Cultural Relics (Iran)

Sasanian Iran at The Hermitage Museum, Russia.

Sasanian Seal Collection: The Gans collection of Sasanian seals in the University of California at Berkeley.

Sasanika (California State University, Fullerton), A scholarly web-site dedicated to Iranian Civilisation during the reign of Sasanian dynasty; -articles about the Sasanian art, archaeology, culture and history.

Tal-i Malyan - Archaeological excavations at the site of Tal-i Malyan, the ancient Elamite city of Anshan.

Threat to world heritage in Iraq, University of Oxford.

UCLA Language Materials Project, The UCLA Language Materials Project (LMP) is an on-line bibliographic database of teaching and learning materials for over 100 Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs), including Iranian Languages.




Ancient Iran and India Trust (The), provides a focal point where scholars and members of the public with interests in the cultures of the ancient Indian and Iranian worlds can meet and discuss matters of common interest and use its unique library.

Ancient Persia Fund (The) is a non political UK-registered charity, with the aim to encourage and support the study of Ancient Iran (Persia) and related areas including Central Asia.

Andronovo Culture; This culture is of great importance in understanding the early history of the Indo-Iranian speaking peoples. The linguistic interpretation of this culture is under discussion as well as its origin and chronology.

Ausgrabungen in Daskyleion Project; the excavation of an Achaemenid City in Anatolia.

British Institute of Persian Studies, an academic body which promotes scholarship and research in all aspects of Iranian Studies.

Corpus Fontium Manichaeorum, the Corpus Fontium Manichaeorum Project is a major international research and publication project sponsored by UNESCO under the aegis of the Integrated Study of the Silk Road. It is a project of the Union of International Academies (Union Académique Internationale UAI) and its sponsoring academy is the Australian Academy of the Humanities, devoted to Manichaean studies.

Cyrus Legacy (The), a website dedicated to Cyrus the Great

Foundation of Iranian Studies featuring Information and illustrations of Sasanian coins.

Iran Heritage Foundation A non political UK-registered charity, with the aim to encourage and support the study of Ancient Iran (Persia) and related areas including Central Asia.

Iranian Mintsby Oriental Numismatic Society

Kaveh Farrokh (Official Website), dedicated to the Advancement of Ancient Iranian and Classical Studies. The relationship between ancient Iran and the civilizations of the Greco-Roman world (and its European successors), the Arabo-Islamic world, India, China and the Far East are a major focus of this website. Civilizations are rarely conceived in a vacuum and are often the result of the synthesis of a number of elements, examples being the Roman Empire, ancient Iran and India.

Transoxiana, (Journal Libre de Estudios Orientales) -- One of the most well organized, scholarly, and comprehensive online source of information on oriental (including Iranian) history, art and culture.

Lost City of Arabia; Nova Online's fascinating web site with information about the Shisur site in modern Oman, from the public television series. In an interview (September 1996), Dr. Yuris Zarins discusses evidence of Iranian under Parthian dynasty's influence in the Arabian peninsula., by Edward C. D. Hopkins, the most comprehensive site about Parthian Dynasty on the internet.

Persian Gulf Task Force, for preservation of the Heritage and Sovereignty of the Persian Gulf.

Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute, A non-profit organization supporting the preservation, transmission, and instruction of Persian 'culture'.

Silkroad Foundation, The Silkroad Foundation is a non-profit organisation, established in 1996, to promote the study and preservation of cultures and art on Inner Asia and the Silk Road. The Foundation provides a range of textual and image resources aimed at academics, researchers and students of the history and culture of the Silk Road.

TARIANA, the official website of the Friends of Khuzestan’s Friends of Cultural Heritage Society (in Persian)

Turanian Horse -- Website which gives the history and importance of the breed to the Parthian horses.




Avesta - Zoroastrian Archive, provides the complete text of the extant Devine Avesta, the most ancient scriptures of Zarathushtrian religion, as well as many Pahlavi scriptures. -- A Zoroastrian Educational Institute to preserve and promote the Universal Message of Prophet Zarathushtra.

Zarathusahtrian Assembly -- A non-profit, non-political religious corporation with the aim of studying and disseminating information on the Divine Message of Prophet Zarathushtra.

Zoroastrian Calendar, Conversion of Shenshai, Kadmi, Fasli to Gregorian dates and vice-versa. It has a range of more than 400 years, which can go back in time and in far future. 




Bulletin of the Asia Institute, A scholarly journal, regarding the art, archaeology, numismatics, history and languages of ancient Iran, Mesopotamia, and Central Asia and connections with China and Japan along the Silk Route.

Encyclopaedia Iranica is the most extensive compendium ever conceived on the past and present culture of the Iranian peoples and their contribution to the broader history of human civilization and it is a multi-volume, multi-disciplinary work designed as a major source of information, providing a detailed and accurate picture of an important world civilization over a span of several thousand years.

Persepolis a Virtual Reconstruction -  The magnificent palace of Persepolis serving as the site of world's first super power, was unique in its architectural design. Now, the has created a virtual reconstruction of those great palaces, which is based on the historical and archaeological documents obtained from the International Iranologists with the aid of the scholars of the field, to give the viewers a better sense of the grandeur of that structure.

Persepolis Recreated, A magnificent documentary film with beautiful footages from the most spectacular palace of ancient Iran-Persepolis, accompanied by 3-dimentional reconstruction of its remarkable palaces and halls.





ABZU The comprehensive guide to the Ancient Near East on the Internet.

Lexicon of Iranian Languages (LIL); The Lexicon of Iranian Languages (LIL) is a project of the Institute of Indology and Tamil Studies (IITS), University of Cologne.
It contain A Concise Pahlavi Dictionary (CPD), Sogdian Dictionary (SD) and A Word-List of Manichaean Middle Persian and Parthian (WL).



6. Cultural News Agencies

CHN (Cultural Heritage News Agency) - in Persian

ISNA (Iranian Student News Agency) - in Persian

Mehr News Agency - Persian and English




MAHAK, The society for children suffering from cancer.

FCI, The foundation for the children of Iran.

Omid Foundation, a cahrity is to strengthen the social, emotional, and economic competencies of disadvantaged young women (aged from 15 to 25) in Iran, providing them with a sense of self-worth and with the opportunities to experience a full range of life options through care, counselling, self-empowerment, education, training and job placement.

Popli Khalatbari, A charitable foundation for children's education & welfare.




Jamshid & the Lost Mountain of Light, A novel by Howard Lee. This thrilling adventure is woven-through with historical detail that recreates the lives, cities, and palaces of ancient Persia.




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