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Dear Image Contributor


CAIS Image Library is an ongoing project of collecting digital images and multimedia files representing art from the ancient Iranian World (pre-history till the fall of the Sasanian dynasty in 651 CE). This in turn will highlight and place emphasis upon rich Iranian culture.


CAIS Image Library was set up with the aim of generating images that would equip students and scholars alike of the vast art collections that exists today. Therefore, CAIS would be grateful for contributions of images currently in viewer’s possessions.


In addition, we would like to bring your attention to the current theft that occurs on such priceless artifacts. This is a problem that is facing the Iranian nation today. Unfortunately, the international antique market is the main offender in this immoral act. We hope that the images collected will assist in tackling the smuggling of such artefacts through illegal avenues, i.e. such as the illegal excavation or theft from private collections and museums.


So how can you help?


PUBLIC: You can send us the pictures of any Iranian artefacts that are being sold globally. We in turn will contact the seller (auction rooms or antique dealers) in order to gain provenance for the artifact being sold. Under international regulation, all artifacts that are being sold legally should have a provenance certificate (in order to prove that the artifact in question was not obtained illegally.)


If the artefact has been obtained legally, the images will be stored upon our database, which will be accessible to the public.  This is vital, as this will allow the public to see the wondrous collection of art that exists in Iran--before they are sold to private collectors and held behind closed doors depriving us of the opportunity to expand research within this area.


We would also appreciate if members of the public would forward us their digital images of any artifacts in museums as well as visited historical sites, which may have any connection to Ancient Iran.



PRIVATE COLLECTORS: We would be grateful if private collectors could contribute pictures of their artefacts.


- This will immensely help expand the library, which in turn will extend our understanding and research goals.


- Also, the artefacts' owners will be protected. If for any unfortunate reason theft should occur, the selling of such goods will be made difficult, as the public will familiarize themselves with such artifacts. In addition, viewers and buyers will be able to search our database for possible stolen artefacts prior to purchase or selling.


Your privacy and security are important to us, and we are committed to their protection. CAIS will be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other applicable laws.



To contribute your pictures please email them to us [ Click Here ]



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