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Iran is one of the few countries in the world with a long and extensive background on establishing ancient civilisation, which the water scarcity and precipitation have never caused to freeze the civilisation and humanisation formation. This is due to the fact that ancients have realised the importance of an organisation to supervise the irrigation and water conveyance affairs. As the result, they have always exploited technology and precise engineering to control water, and utilise it in the best way to flourish the economical, cultural and social statuses of the country.


An important factor in water harvesting, maintaining, conveying and distributing is water resources management, especially in the arid and semiarid countries like Iran, which is necessary to have an independent organization. This type of organization became sophisticated from the early days of Achaemenid dynastic eras, and reached its technological zenith during the Sasanian dynasty (224-651 CE). This organization under Sasanians was called “Divān-i Kāšt" as well as "Fozūn”.


Although there are records of the water-establishments in some of the historical documents, rarely did it mention to the supervision organizations of those establishments. The most important establishments and water conveyance networks were located in Fars and Khuzestan provinces, which have mostly been remained so far.


One of these historical water establishments was located at the south part of Iran in Khuzestan province where the ancient civilisation of Iran flourished and bricked up about 4000 years ago. This complex consists of Mizan Dyke, Shadravan Dam Bridge, Darian Canal, Jareh Dam, Salasel Castle, Gargar Canal, Gargar weir and their watermills which are located in the historical city of Shushtar on Karun River.


Jareh Dam, North-East of Ramhormuz Khuzestan Province (Destroyed by newly built Kuh-Shur Dam)

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Gawmishan Bridge.jpg (12372 bytes) GavmishanBridge.jpg (88003 bytes) GavmishanBridge1.jpg (47883 bytes)

Gerdab-e Sangi - Lorestan Province

Gerdab Sangi.jpg (30300 bytes)

Mizan Weir/Dyke - Khuzestan Province

MizanDike.jpg (69147 bytes) Mizan Dyke.jpg (65421 bytes)

Shadravan Dam-Bridge - Khuzestan Province

Shadravan Dam Bridge.jpg (39563 bytes)

Sasanian Shadravan Bridge.jpg (37237 bytes)

Lashgar dam-Bridge, Shushtar, Khuzestan Province

Bol_e_band_Lashgare_Bridge_Shushtar.jpg (20390 bytes) pol-Band Lashgare Bridge Shushtar1.jpg (73078 bytes)

GarGar Weir/Dyke, Shushtar - Khuzestan Province

Gor Gor Bridge.jpg (49638 bytes)

Ghozivand Bridge - Kermanshah Province

Ghuzivand Bridge.jpg (49380 bytes)

Pol-e Dokhtar - Firuzabad, Fars Province

Pol-e_Dokhtar.jpg (48413 bytes) Pol-e_Dokhtar1.jpg (41068 bytes) Pol-e_Dokhtar2.jpg (51956 bytes) Firuzabad_Bridge.jpg (28541 bytes) Firuzabad_Bridge1.jpg (9520 bytes)

Pol-e Dokhtar, Kohkiluyeh & Boyer Ahmadi Province

Pol-e Dokhtar, Kokiluyeh - Dehdasht.jpg (84489 bytes)

Pol-e Dezful, Khuzestan Province

Sasanian Bridge Dezful.jpg (258510 bytes) Dezful Bridge (Sasano-Islamic).jpg (50760 bytes)

Pol-e Dokhtar/Shapur, Lorestan Province

Shapur_Bridge_Luristan.jpg (30766 bytes)

Pol-e Sharestan, Esfahan Province

Shahrestan_Esfahan.jpg (27176 bytes) Shahrestan_Bridge_Esfahan1.jpg (18144 bytes) Shahrestan_Bridge_Esfahan2.jpg (10428 bytes) Shahrestan_Bridge_Esfahan3.jpg (10348 bytes) Shahrestan Bridge Esfahan.jpg (33849 bytes) shahrestan_Bridge_before_restoration.jpg (39248 bytes)
Pol-e_Shahrestan_1933.jpg (29988 bytes) Pol-e_Shahrestan_1960.jpg (47045 bytes) Shahrestan_Bridge_Esfahan4.jpg (297953 bytes)

Pol-e Shapur, Savad Kuh, Mazandaran Province

Shapur_Bridge_Savad_Kuh.jpg (20614 bytes)








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