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100 ancient Iranian Historical Inscriptions Decoded



Thursday, 28 January 1999

TEHRAN An official of the Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran told the Tehran Times yesterday that over one hundred inscriptions, dating back to the Ilamites who resided in Iran, have been deciphered. Dariyoosh Akbarzadeh the Director of the Language Research Center of the Cultural Heritage Organization, who is also supervising the Inscriptions Research Project, said that during the deposed Pahlavi Dynasty the work of decoding the inscriptions was carried out by foreigners who did not allow Iranians to interfere in such projects.

He added that however, the new manager of the organization has stressed that the work of studying the inscriptions preserved in the treasury of the National and Shush museums, is to be launched by an Iranian expert named Arfaei who has began activity in this respect for the past six months. Arfaei is a graduate of Pennsylvania and Chicago universities. Akbarzadeh said that out of the 100 inscriptions decoded 45 have been deciphered by Arfaei. He added that since Arfaei is the only one specialized in deciphering non-Iranian inscriptions, the work of decoding these inscriptions, numbering nearly 100,000, will last for 20 years.

Worth mentioning is that in 1850, 1903 and 1948 Prof. Jackson, H.C. Rawlinson and George Cameroon had carried out studies on Bisotoon inscriptions located in Kermanshah Province, west of Iran.






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