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Pre-historic Stone Paintings Were Discovered in Yazd Province


Thursday, 09 August 2001
Yazd-- An official from the town of Nadoushan in Yazd province Naaser
Baabaai said, "A number of stone paintings dating back to the early 
pre-Islamic era were discovered in Nadoushan last week."  
Baabaai added that these stone paintings were discovered by the 
experts of Yazd province Cultural Heritage Organization at Sarkhan 
mountain foot located 20 kms to the north of Nadoushan in the process 
of a series of excavations. 
He told IRNA reporter that images of various animals including sheep, 
antelopes, horses, dogs, hens, and hunting men as well as scriptures 
from 11th century have been painted on the discovered stones.
He added, "The stone paintings are primitive, indicating that the 
inhabitants of the area engraved images on stones, besides raising cattle." 
Referring to the good climate of Sorkhan mountain area, he said that 
there are two caves and one spring in the area, and that earlier some of 
its inhabitants lodged in the caves.  
The Director General of Yazd province Cultural Heritage Organization 
MohammadHassan Khademzadeh said, "The discovered Stone paintings 
will soon be registered as national artifacts. The town of Nadoushan with a 
population of 3,000 is located near the city of Sadouq in Yazd province 
120 kms from the capital city of Yazd.

Source: IRNA




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