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Discovery of An Ancient Site Belonging to Median Dynasty



02 January 2001


For the fist time the remainders of buildings belonging to the official system of Median dynasty have been discovered by the archaeological operations carried out in Savojbolagh.

According to Yusef Majidzadeh, the head of the archaeological group, 'in our historical texts there are some reference to the presence of Medes in north-east parts of Iran, but the discovery of this site in the vicinity of Tehran ( some 70km west) was a great surprise.

The discovered fort with an area covering 950 square meters is located on the highest level of an ozbaki hill that is 26m above the ground.

The fort belongs to the time of Medes ruling Iran in the first half of the first millennium before Christ. It has a fence 5 meters in diameter and the inner walls cover a diameter of about one meter. The fort is composed of a few big halls, cellars and probably a place of worship.

According to the speaker of the public relation of cultural inheritance organization, the discovery of the eastern and western walls together with 6000 pieces of pottery and cream and gray potsherds, animal statues, water canteen, stone statue of a woman that was probably a kind of necklace are among the recent findings of the area.

The specialists believe that the low number of the portable objects discovered can imply that the fort had been evacuated under normal conditions and the inhabitants had enough time to collect their belongings.

The archaeological group have excavated two third of this ancient fort and they hope to find traces of the northern wall and the official graveyard of the Medes in their next season of operations.


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