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"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."


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01 Dec: Iron Age Remains Discovered in Central Iran

01 Dec: Museum of Master Ferdowsi and his Epic Masterpiece Shahnameh to be Set up

03 Dec: Oldest Seal of Darius the Great

04 Dec: Babak Citadel Undergoes Emergency Restoration Works

04 Dec: Restoration of the First Iranian Double Shell Domes

05 Dec: Jiroft, Lost Paradise of Eastern Civilization, to be Rediscovered

05 Dec: Archaeologists Trying to Establish Function of Parthian Gharbaliz in Central Iran

08 Dec: Geological Studies Underway at Persepolis

09 Dec: New Series of Archaeological Research in Marlik Hill

09 Dec: Mammoth Remains Found in Iran

10 Dec: Evidence of Aristocratic Life in Ancient Shadyakh

10 Dec: Commemoration of the 3800-year-old Zoroastrian Religion

12 Dec: Sasanian Monument Eyed for UNESCO Recognition

13 Dec: Hassanlu Hill Finds Restored

13 Dec: Protection of the Sasanians Relief in Bishapur

13 Dec: Burnt City Render 65 Ancient Graves

14 Dec: Karaftoo Cave, a Natural Marvel in Western Iran

15 Dec: Greek Archaeologists Find the Traces of an Ancient Iranian Fleet

15 Dec: The Sasanian City of Bishapur to be Re-excavated

16 Dec: Archaeological Studies in Achaemenid Dahan-e Gholaman

17 Dec: Conference Takes Stock of Rumi's Ideas

18 Dec: Archaeologists in Search of Grains Warehouse of Burnt City

18 Dec: An Antiquarian Skeleton Remains Found in Western Iran

18 Dec: Iranian Cultural Heritage NGOs Protest French Minister About Illegal Sale of Relics

19 Dec: Explorations Go on in Hill in Northwestern Iran to Pinpoint Location of Civilization

22 Dec: 133 Qajar Coins Retrieved from Smugglers

23 Dec: New Research on Ancient Tombs of Kermanshah

  26 Dec: Quake Said to Have Destroyed Historical Bam Citadel in Iran

26 Dec: Sitar, a Musical Instrument Rooted in Iran

27 Dec: Restoration of Historical Areas Damaged in Quake to Start after Assessment, CHO Head

27 Dec: 80 Percent of Kerman Historical Areas Demolished in Quake

27 Dec: Sections of Kerman Grand Bazaar Destroyed in Quake

28 Dec: Spectacular Medieval Complex on Old Silk Road Now Lies in Ruins

29 Dec: Studies on Parthian Civilization in Kojour Fortress of Noshahr

31 Dec: First Steps to Restore Bam Citadel to Get Underway



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"History is the Light on the Path to Future"


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