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Graffiti Source of Damage to Historical Monuments


News Category: Cultural

 22 June 2003


One of the Graffiti by Cornelis de Bruijn at the Gate of all nations, Persepolis!

There are numerous laws banning engraved graffiti on the historical and cultural monuments, but since there are no guarantees to make sure that they are enforced, the graffiti continue to be one of the important factors of the destruction of the cultural identity.

According to cultural heritage experts, although graffiti written by tourists visiting historical monuments are one of the key sources of the damage done to the cultural and historical works, little has been done to stem the destructive trend.

The law explicitly states: “Whoever destroys, completely or partly, the cultural-historical or religious monuments, spaces and complexes that are listed as national monuments of Iran, or the decorations, handwritings and pictures placed in such monuments that have independent cultural, historical and religious value, will be obliged to compensate for the losses and will be imprisoned from one month to ten years."

Despite the explicit laws on this issue, monuments such as Persepolis and Aaliqapou run the danger of being damaged and eroded as a result of the vast graffiti engraved on them.

The general director of the department of maintenance of cultural heritage organization Hussein Mohebali remarked: “Graffiti on historical monuments cause damage in various ways: On the one hand the outer level of the relic will be corroded and due to the penetration of humidity, this will increase gradually. On the other hand, it will be damaged permanently and turned into an eyesore."

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