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Mysteries of 8500 Years of Life in Marvdasht Plain


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 28 April 2004



A team of archaeologists based in Persepolis has started a series of studies on Jari and Moushaki hills which are considered the first residences of farmers in Marvdasht plain, in the southern province of Fars.

Based on a report by the Research Institute of Parse-Pasargadae, the project, carried out with cooperation of the Tehran University, Azad University branches in Tehran, Marvdasht and Kazeroon and headed by Abbas Alizadeh from the Oriental Institute of Chicago University, seeks to identify and analyze the lifestyle of Marvdasht residents some 8500 years ago, plus the environmental, plant and animal characteristics of the plain.

The two hills, located 80 km south of Persepolis, were excavated years ago by Japanese and Belgian experts; however, their reports lacked information on the mentioned features.

The time sequence of the ancient cultures of the region is another matter still unsolved.

According to Alizadeh, the hypothesis is that during some time, Marvdasht was full of trees and many springs existed in the plain, providing water for its residents and their agricultural activities.

He adds that the 3-meter deep sediment of mud and soil found in the area is proof that since 9000 years ago, Marvdasht ground level rose 3 meters, while no such thing is observed in the perimeters of Persepolis. Discovering the reason of the phenomenon is another aim of the archaeology team.

At this stage samples of pollen, plant seeds and bones are collected, said Alizadeh, explaining that experiments on pollen can provide information on plants and animals’ characteristics and also on humidity levels of the time.



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