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August 2004


"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."

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01 Aug: Excavation Yields Part of Sasanid Mud-brick Bridge

02 Aug: Iranian Three-Story Underground City Served as Safe-Haven

02 Aug: Descendants of King Darius's Persian Steed Found in Iran-Proper

03 Aug: Experts to Explore Isfahan’s First Palaeolithic Cave

04 Aug: Ancient City Possibly Sleeping Under Behistun Plateau

04 Aug: Pasargadae Metal Mines Discovered

04 Aug: Enthusiasts Celebrate Darius the Great' Steed

05 Aug: Sasanid Emperors Deliberately Ignored Achaemenids’ Glory

06 Aug: Archaeologists to Excavate Ancient Industrial City of Arisman

06 Aug: Iranian Experts to Check Jiroft Artifacts Hauled in London

06 Aug: Iranian Family Turn Sasanid Inscription into Vase

07 Aug: Over 300 Species of Plants, Animals Recognized in Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat

08 Aug: Historical Sites Halted over Security Dispute

09 Aug: Iran to Call for Foreign Aid in Salvaging Tang-e Bolaghi

10 Aug: Palaeontologists Still Trying to Identify Maraghe' Animal Fossils

10 Aug: Iran and Britain to Publish Bilingual Iranology Encyclopaedia

11 Aug: archaeologists to Explore Buried City of Parse

11 Aug: University to Start Teaching Kurdish

12 Aug: Iran Allows Foreign archaeologists to Excavate Sites

13 Aug: 6,000-Year-Old Archaeological Site Discovered in Sarvestan

14 Aug: Iranian Experts Rectify the Age of Dalma Teppe

15 Aug: Experts Spot 16 Common Ancient Ailments in Ancient Iran

16 Aug: Documentation of Behistun Inscription Nearly Complete

17 Aug: Ancient Imperial Iranian Fleet Surrenders its Mysteries

19 Aug: Sandstorm Blocks Entrances to Burnt City

20 Aug: Sasanid Iran Used Commercial Labels

21 Aug: Il-Khanid Architectural Relics Found in Takht-e Suleiman

22 Aug: Municipality Workers Dump Garbage on Ancient Site

23 Aug: Entrance to Soltaniyeh Citadel Discovered

26 Aug: Sewage Leakage Threatens Noush-Abad Underground City

27 Aug: Archaeologists Looking for Legendary Sasanid Town

28 Aug: Field Cleared for Robat-Sharaf Excavations

29 Aug: Hassan Sabbah Dabbled in Astronomy

29 Aug: An Achaemenid City Uncovered Near Bam

29 Aug: Searching Abandoned Cities, Urban Centers to Unlock an Ancient Nation's Past

31 Aug: Public Plunder of Jiroft Artifacts Resumes





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"History is the Light on the Path to Future"


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