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Iranian Experts Rectify the Age of Dalma Teppe


14 August 2004



Following recent excavations in the Dalma historical hill in northwestern West Azerbaijan province, Iranian archaeologists have managed to discover relics of three ancient periods, thus outdating the estimate of their counterparts who had earlier explored the area.

The hill is one of the most ancient historical sites in the province and is located near a village by the same name. “Following four excavations, Iranian archaeologists have discovered relics from the Iron, Bronze and Dalma Culture Ages, indicating it is older than what American experts had believed,” said archeologist Ebrahim Kharazi.

Prior to the 1979, a group of U.S. experts had reckoned the hill dates back to 4,800 BC, while recent 3.5-meter-deep excavations have revealed graves ornamented with personal belongings dating to earlier times. Dalma Culture Age refers to a well-known period between 4,800 BC and 4,100 BC in the area.


The Dalma culture was contemporary with Ubaid 3 and the lower levels of Kül Teppe, which corresponded to the end of the Halaf culture dated to the beginning of the fifth millennium, which slightly overlapped with the Early Northern Ubaid. Hoever, the Neolithic in Iran ends with the appearance of two new styles of pottery, including Dalma tradition. The tradition penetrates the central Zagros, primarily in the Mahi Dasht and higher valleys on the Khorasan Road.


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