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December 2004


"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."


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01 Dec: Experts Try to Discover Residential Structures in Persepolis

01 Dec: Latest Excavations Season to Start Tomorrow in Burnt City

03 Dec: Iranian Experts to Restudy Elamite Inscriptions

04 Dec: Oldest Backgammon in the World unearthed in Burnt City

05 Dec: Earliest Indications of Fretwork in Burnt City

06 Dec: Archaeological Evidence backs Literary Evidences: Iranian Women Warriors in Ancient Iran

07 Dec: Iranian-British Archaeologists Excavate Bushehr Sites

08 Dec: Experts Revamp Fort in Yazd

09 Dec: Achaemenid Settlement Discovered in Isfahan

09 Dec: Experts to Evaluate Halilroud Civilization

10 Dec: Bones Unravel Longevity Mystery in Iron Age Tabriz

13 Dec: Achaemenid Imperial Cooks Used 1 kg Saffron Each Day

15 Dec: 8 Ancient Dams Discovered Near Pasargad

16 Dec: Turkey to Hand over Iranian Artifacts

17 Dec: Pasargadae to Finally Get its Museum

18 Dec: New Archaeological Museum Opens in Iran

18 Dec: Archaeologists fighting against time to save ancient sites from waters of Karun-4 Dam

19 Dec: Iranian archaeologists race the clock

20 Dec: Isfahan Subway Won’t Cross Historical Street

21 Dec: Mystery of Bam Body Remains Solved

21 Dec: Archaeologists believe they have discovered part of throne of Darius

21 Dec: International Archaeological Seminar in Jiroft

22 Dec: Persian Gulf included Oman Sea in ancient times

22 Dec: New Dams Threaten Iranian National Heritage

22 Dec: Persian Gulf Northern Parts Are More Civilized

23 Dec: 5000 Years Ago, Women Held Power In Burnt City

23 Dec: Sivand Dam is threat to Iran's heritage

23 Dec: Bam goes on world heritage list

23 Dec: A series of new dams is submerging archaeological sites throughout Iran

24 Dec: Jiroft was an international trade center 5000 years ago

25 Dec: 5000 Potsherds Found In Bam Citadel

25 Dec: Sasanid Engineers Equipped Falak Ol-Aflak Castle With Dehumidifier System

26 Dec: Human Sacrifice Was Common in Burnt City

27 Dec: Arsacid Vats Containing Skeletons Are Found

28 Dec: Bam citadel in the world heritage list

28 Dec: Persian Gulf Museum Will Be Built

29 Dec: Achaemenid Engineers Knew PI

29 Dec: Rémy Boucharlat: Pasargadae Would not be Endangered by the future lake in the Tang-i Bolaghi

29 Dec: Pasargadae Memorial Plate Hanged Before Cyrus Mausoleum

30 Dec: First World's Animation Found In Burnt City

30 Dec: Woman’s Skull Found In Ilkhanid Garbage Area

30 Dec: Parthian subterranean village discovered near Maragheh



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"History is the Light on the Path to Future"


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