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July 2004


"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."


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02 July: Cyrus’ Justice-Seeking Voice Gets Global Resonation

04 July: Iran and Italy Document Achaemenid Inscriptions

05 July: Jundi Shapour Excavation Operation Gets Momentum

06 July: Firoozabad Fire Temple Slated for Special Renovation

07 July: Excavation Reveals Amorous Burial in Ancient Iran

08 July: Encyclopaedia Iranica Reaches Half Way Milestone

08 July: Men who made the Taj Mahal revealed

09 July: 400 Years Needed to Identify 4 Billion Artifacts in Iranian Burnt City

10 July: Remote Villagers Still Speak in Middle-Persian Language After 2,000 Years

10 July: Quarries Providing Stone for Persepolis Discovered

11 July: New Plan to Renovate Cyrus the Great' Mausoleum

11 July: First Intact Insignia Discovered in Burnt City

12 July: Iranian Pilgrims Celebrated Babak’s Birthday

13 July: Ignoring Achaemenids’ Impact on Other Nations Impossible: Dr. Curtis

14 July: Iran Presses UK to Probe Jiroft Ransacked Artifacts

15 July: Excavation Reveals Amorous Burial in Ancient Iran

16 July: Archaeologists Discover Temple in Sasanid Palace

16 July: Sleeping Parthian City to Awaken

17 July: Damage-Evaluation Planned for Bas-reliefs in Bishapur

17 July: David Stronach: British Archeologists in Iran

18 July: Archaeologists to Identify Jiroft Ancient Quarries

19 July: Persepolis Stones Carved with 10 Different Chisels

20 July: Three-Story Underground City Unearthed in Central Iran

20 July: History Channel Airs Persian Emperors’ Battles

21 July: Europeans, Australians to Identify Date of Iranian Tablets

21 July: Astronomers Revise Date of Ancient Greek-Persian Battle

22 July: Experts to Study Tomb Construction in Chogha Zanbil

23 July: Experts Try to Discover 7,000 Diet in Siyalk

24 July: 20 Historical Hills Discovered near Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat

24 July: Iranian Director to Produce Documentary on Darius’ Headless Statue

25 July: Sivand Dam Threatens Pasargadae

26 July: Collapse of Isfahan Grand Mosque Looming Gravely

26 July: Discovery of the Ancient Migration Route of Iranian Nomads

27 July: Archaeologists Learn How Achaemenid Architects Buttressed Pasargadae

28 July: Last Section of Iran’s Largest Brick Fort Unearthed

29 July: Geophysical Surveys to Start in Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat

30 July: New Findings on 7th Century Arab Invasion of Iran

31 July: Finding Neolithic Artifacts in Qomrood Hill More Likely

31 July: Potteries from Bronze Age to Parthian Era Unearthed in Ardebil



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"History is the Light on the Path to Future"


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The British Institute of Persian Studies

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