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Firoozabad Fire Temple Slated for Special Renovation


07 July 2004



The Firoozabad fire temple, the first Sasanid roofed building, will undergo a special renovation program to stem its further dilapidation.

With an area of 11 thousands sq m, the complex is one of the biggest monuments left from the dynasty (224-642 A.D.). The fire temple, locally named a palace, was built during the reign of Emperor Ardeshir, who waged successful campaigns against the Romans.

“In the past years, some walls of the fire temple have cracked or even collapsed, all making its renovation more imperative,” said Azam Kazemi, head of the repair workshop. “We aim to cover up the cracks, protect the construct against rainfall, and change some of its stones.”

Indeed the renovation started in 1968 and was underway till the 1979 Islamic Revolution, after which the program came to a halt, leaving the monument vulnerable to natural and human risk factors. Three years ago, however, the operation finally resumed.

The fire temple or palace is located 90 km south of the historical city of Shiraz, in Fars Province. It has 3 halls, 3 corridors and a courtyard of 28 sq m.

The Iranians under the Sasanid dynasty established an empire roughly within the frontiers achieved by the Achaemenids, with the capital at Ctesiphon in Khavarvaran province (modern Iraq). The Sasanids consciously sought to resuscitate Iranian traditions and to obliterate foriegn cultural influence. Their rule was characterized by considerable centralization, ambitious urban planning, agricultural development, and technological improvements.



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