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June 2004


"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."


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01 June: Archaeologists Puzzled Over the Ancient Monument

01 June: International Archaeologists to Carry Out Specialized Studies in Burnt City

02 June: One of the Oldest Iranian Qanat Found in Bam

03 June: Maraghi Dialect, Iran’s Nominee for UNESCO

05 June: Isfahan Tops Cities with Most Damaged Historical Textures

06 June: Archaeological Operation in Khwaje Mountain to Begin in October

06 June: Possibility of Discovering Ancient City of Bistoon Grows Stronger

06 June: Marlik Ancient Graveyards to Become Open-air Archaeological Museums

07 June: Project to Renovate and Conserve World’s Oldest Ziggurat

08 June: The most Complete Dinoterium Digantom Fossil Unearthed in Iran

08 June: Interview with Iranologist David Stronach, the 39th Recipient of the AIA's Gold Medal 

09 June: Iranian Artists Decorated Umayyad Palaces

10 June: Iran to Contribute to Kasra Arch’s Renovation

10 June: Archaeologists Discovered the Ruins of Ancient Iranian City in Arran

11 June: Elamites Used Decimal System in Calculations

12 June: Egypt Dismisses Reports of Hauling Darius’ Statue

12 June: Chogha Zanbil 3,000-Year-Old Ziggurat to Withstand Quakes

12 June: Oldest Iranian Inscriptions Held in France and Germany

13 June: Cobblestones of Historical Chahar-Bagh St to be Unearthed

13 June: Routes to Ziviyeh Hilltop Fort Traced Back

14 June: History of Column Dates Back 6,000 Years in Iranian Architecture

14 June: World’s First Cave Museum to be Built in Iran

15 June: Varzaghan to Become World’s Hub of Fossil Studies

15 June: Researchers to Determine Engineering Methods of Construction In Ancient Iran

16 June: Secret of Parthian Aqueduct Remains Unravelled

16 June: More Pre-historic Fossils Found In Varzaghan

17 June: Persepolis to Host Ancient Clay Figurines

17 June: Excavation Project in Kerman’s Historical Sites Continues

18 June: Dinotherium Giganteum's Fossil Raises Mind-Boggling Questions

19 June: Prophet Zoroaster Established Ancient Calendar Aged 43

20 June: Excavation Works to Resume in Arsaces’ Major Capital

20 June: A Rare Sasanid Coin Recognized

21 June: Fatal Earthquake that Wrecked Bam Yields Archaeological Gold

23 June: Studies on Culture and Civilization of Iran’s Northwest Dwellers in 4th Millennium BC

25 June: Sasanid Fire Temple in Danger of Dilapidation

28 June: Excavation Works to Resume in Parthian’ Major Capital

30 June: Rumi Dabbled in Astronomy: Iranian Scholar




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"History is the Light on the Path to Future"


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