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Sasanid Fire Temple in Danger of Dilapidation


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Sasanian Dynasty

 25 June 2004



Although most sections of Iran’s Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization (CHTO) endeavor to renovate ancient caravansaries, baths and other historical monuments, a rare and unique fire temple is lying cold and derelict, waiting for a key decision to blaze again.

“The Bandian Temple is unique in terms of its architecture, but the use of mud bricks in its construction has made the monument vulnerable to natural elements,” said Mahdi Rahbar, head of the archaeologists at the site. “We have so far made a metal cover to protect the temple, failing to safeguard it completely. In case of rainfall, drips will percolate the metal plates, inflicting further damages.”

The Bandian Temple, located in Bandar-e Gaz, features a vast lobby, a special place to keep the Holy Fire and alms and ablution baths. Archaeologists hope to learn more about traditions and rituals during the Sasanid dynasty.

The Iranians at the time of Sasanid dynasty established an empire roughly within the frontiers achieved by the Achaemenids, with the capital at Ctesiphon in Khvarvaran province (modern Iraq). 


The Sasanids consciously sought to resuscitate Iranian traditions and to obliterate foriegn cultural influence. Their rule was characterized by considerable centralization, ambitious urban planning, agricultural development, and technological improvements. Sasanid rulers adopted the Achaemenid title of Shahanshah (the king of kings), as sovereigns over numerous petty rulers, known as Shahrdars.



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