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May 2004


"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."


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01 May: Ancient Cave in Central Iran Dated to 15 Millennia B.C.

01 May: Remains of Ancient Qanats Discovered Near Bam

02 May: Oriental Institute returns ancient tablets that explain an empire’s administrative life

02 May: Iranian Underwater Archaeologists Searching for Lost Treasures

03 May: The Oldest Iranian Arch

03 May: Arajan Bronze Cask Waiting to be Displayed

04 May: Archaeological Finds in Semnan Cemeteries

04 May: Stone Lions, Lying on Tombs, Serving the Dead

04 May: 500-year-old Hiding Place Discovered in Western Iran

05 May: Iran and UNESCO to Save the Ctesiphon Arch

05 May: Isfahan Residential History May Date Back to 6000 years ago

06 May: Khuzestan Cities under Water 5000 Years Ago

06 May: 2000-year-old City Unearthed near Bam

07 May: Ancient Bones, Pottery Surface in South-eastern Iran

07 May: New Season of Archaeological Research in Dasht-e Moghan

08 May: Ancient Catacomb Discovered in Southwestern Iran

08 May: Karun River Changing Course in the Past 6000 Years

09 May: War Ordnance Hampers Archeological Explorations in Western Iran

10 May: Marvdasht Diggings Show Oldest Dwellings near Persepolis

11 May: Fars Province to Host Achaemenid Gilt and Clay Sculptures

11 May: Historical Roads to Meymand to be Identified

12 May: Italian Co-Operation in Working on the Grand Mosque of Isfahan

13 May: Search for Iron-Age Architectural Remains in Northern Iran

16 May: Restoration of Fortress of Babak Khorramdin to Continue

18 May: International Experts Back in Iran to Resume Archeological Studies

19 May: Restoration of Alamut Fortress takes 10 Years Time

21 May: 8,000 Year Old Human Settlement Signs Found in Northwestern Iran

22 May: 2700 Year Old Tablets in Urmia Museum Providing Insight on Urartu Kings

23 May: Qom Much Older Than Previously Thought, Studies Suggest

24 May: Ancient Firouzabad structures threatened

24 May: Siyalk Residents Fed on Red and White Meat

24 May: International Conference on Archeological Explorations in Northwestern Iran

25 May: New Parts of Iran’s Largest Brick Fortress Unearthed

25 May: Takht-e Soleyman Tile on Sotheby’s Auction

26 May: Archaeologists in Search of Seven Million Year Old Fossils in Northwestern Iran

26 May: New Discoveries in Minab Plain

27 May: Daqyanus Site to Turn into an Open-air Museum

28 May: Studies Slated For Iran’s Oldest Mines

29 May: Iranian Central Desert City, Lush Area Thousands of Years Ago

29 May: Earthquake Caused Damage to Alamut Castle

30 May: Earthquake Partly Destroys Ancient Iranian Village

31 May: New Archeological Methods to be Used to Study Tabaran Site

31 May: Astronomy, an ancient Iranian Science



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"History is the Light on the Path to Future"


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