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Arajan Bronze Cask Waiting to be Displayed


03 May 2004



The Arajan cask, two years after restoration, is not yet showcased for public due to lack of a proper glass container.

The cask and some items inside it were discovered 10 kilometers north of Behbahan, in southwestern province of Khuzestan, in 1931, but were not studied until 1993. The work took nearly seven years to complete, but three years later it is still kept in the Research Center for Preservation and Restoration.

The cask is made of two large bronze sheets, looking like today’s bathtubs, and remains of a man buried in a fetus form were found inside. Invaluable items such as a gold ring, gold buttons and some pieces of tissue were discovered next to the dead man.

Signs of rusting, in green, brown and blue colors were seen on the cask, which were analyzed, identified and prevented from deterioration, explained head of the restoration project Majid Ghazian, adding that the floor of the cask is really susceptible to damage due to chemical agents, its walls may also become rusted if kept improperly, making specific conditions for its showcasing a necessity.

Some other items such as a metal fire holder, bronze necklace, bronze glasses, and jugs were discovered next to the cask. Due to the invaluable findings in the tomb, its discovery is considered of great importance, next to the Zivieh and Marlik sites.

An interesting feature of the collection is the gold ring inside which the name of one of the governors of Ilam province has been engraved in cuneiform.

Today to preserve those metal items, specific containers are designed to prevent rusting. The cask of Arajan needs such a container, proper for its preservation, a container that at the same time is suitable for public displaying of the restored bronze cask.



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