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Marvdasht Diggings Show Oldest Dwellings near Persepolis


10 May 2004



The third excavation season of Marvdasht area, in the southern province of Fars, wrapped up, proving the previous dating wrong.

The joint team of Iranian and Japanese archeologists headed by Alizadeh from the Oriental Institute of the Chicago University showed the previous identification of the oldest residences by foreign and domestic experts incorrect. The most ancient residential areas are now pinpointed in Bakoun near Persepolis, said representative of Parse-Pasargade Institution that helps in the studies, Asgari.

The cultural sequences of the area have completely changed, Asgari quoted Alizadeh as saying, and the studies shows that the first living quartere of the area have been in Bakoun B and Jari A Hill, followed by residence in Jari B Hill and Meshki region, which were previously identified as the oldest.

The research has also found evidence from 4000 to 6500 B.C. in Marvdasht, which shows that the cultivated soil of the plain is most probably a result of the Sivar River passing through the region in ancient times.

Determining the life style in the area as nomadic, and discovery of several crocks have been other results of the excavations.



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