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April 2005


"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."



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01 April: UNESCO Continues Helping Archaeological Work in Tchogha Zanbil

02 April: Black paint discovered in Achaemenid bas-relief works

03 April: Size of Espidež Seals Indicates Social Rank of Owners

03 April: Measurement Unit of Achaemenid Era Identified

03 April: Two Dinosaur Footprints Discovered in Kerman

05 April: Oldest Iranian Stylus Discovered in Fars Province

05 April: “Forgotten Empire: The World of Ancient Persia” Tours England, France, and Germany

05 April: Smugglers loot ancient cemetery in Sarm Tepe

06 April: Four Hundred Ancient Rock Arts Found North of Jiroft

07 April: Female population predominant in 5000-year-old Burnt City

09 April: 12,000-year-old Animal Bones Found in Mazandaran Caves

09 April: Darius the Great' Ancient Inscription Found in Boushehr Deciphered

10 April: Ten Parthian Casks Discovered in Rig Port Waters

10 April: Mishmahig (Bahrain) sites to be restored

12 April: Macrocephaly Traced in Burnt City

13 April: Seventy Seven Historical Sites and Remains Discovered Near Pasargadae

13 April: New Methods Help Find and Preserve Ancient Iranian Wrecks

14 April: Nine Different Types of Sasanid Coins Identified Among Recent Discoveries

14 April: International Gene Project Aims to Trace Human Migration

16 April: Iran’s Archaeology Opens its Arms to Foreign Experts

17 April: German university and Iran cooperate on archaeological research

17 April: Isfahan Metro to Pass Underneath Naghsh-e Jahan Square

18 April: American Iranologist Wills to be Buried in Isfahan

19 April: An Achaemenid City Discovered

19 April: Important Parthian City Found in Eastern Azarbaijan

20 April: Achaemenid Soldier Withdrawn from Christie’s Sale

20 April: Belgians Assist Iran in Studyin Aurignacian Residence

20 April: Achaemenid Conference to be Held in British Museum

20 April: Documents of Iran’s Ownership of the Achaemenid Soldier Submitted to London’s Court

21 April: Parthian Castle discovered in Atropatene region

21 April: Susa Clay Inscriptions Are Elamite King Diary

22 April: 6000-Year-Old Pottery Workshop Discovered at Toll-e Bondu

23 April: Ancient Paint Buckets Found in Persepolis

23 April: Iran to Introduce Oldest Animation of the World at ASIFA Session

23 April: 3kg of Achaemenid Gold Discovered in Bardak-e Siah Palace

24 April: Mold of Achaemenid Soldier Empty Space to Be Handed to London Court

24 April: Iranian and Polish Archaeologists Collected 15,000 Pot Sherds from Bolaghi Gorge

24 April: Archaeologists trying to unravel mystery of camouflaged Median monument

27 April: Parthian Town Discovered in Minab Plain, Hormozgan

27 April: Apadana Palace Topographic Maps Handed to London Court

30 April: 7000-year-old Remains Discovered in Bolaghi Gorge

30 April: Fragments of Decorated Earthenware Found in Central Iran

30 April: Largest Container of Ancient Iran Found in Bolaghi Gorge






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