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"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."


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31 Dec: Islamic Regime's Destruction of Pre-Islamic Iranian Heritage to Continue

31 Dec: 5th Parthian Saltman Found Under Rock

31 Dec: Sexuality of the 2,000-Years-Old Salt Mummy Determined

31 Dec: Cyrus Cylinder Goes Home for Special Exhibit

30 Dec: Burnt City Mothers Suffered from Malnutrition

29 Dec: Sixth Season of Archaeological Excavation Gets Underway at 9,000-years-old Ozbaki Mound

29 Dec: Iran's National Library Archive Will Go Online

28 Dec: Archaeologists have Discovered Abyaneh's Sasanian Residential Quarter

28 Dec: ICHTO Compiling Technical Details of Historical Edifices

27 Dec: Mine Explosions Destroying Sasanian ’Da va Dokhtar’ Fortress

27 Dec: Illegal Excavators Sack Iron Age Cemetery of Sang-Tarashan

26 Dec: A Sassanid Dam Discovered on Dez River in Southwestern Iran

26 Dec: Discovery of an Aristocratic Quarter and a Sacrifice Place in Dastova

26 Dec: Commemoration of Prophet Zarathushtrâ to be Held in Tehran & Worldwide

25 Dec: Discovery of Kingly Residence in the Parthian Zahak Castle

25 Dec: Discovery of the First Prostrate Figure Burial in Burnt City

24 Dec: 5000-Year-Old Chul-Tappeh Another Victim of Unleashed Dam Construction Project in Iran

24 Dec: 7000 Years-Old Relics Buried Under New Qom-Kashan Motorway

23 Dec: Persepolis Architects Were Geologists, too

23 Dec: New Studies Show Fourth Salt Man is 2000-Years-Old

23 Dec: First Houses in Siyalk built 7500 Years Ago

23 Dec: Discovery of a Sassanid City in Dasht-e Moghan
23 Dec: Another Dam, another Danger to Iran’s National Heritage 

20 Dec: Pasargadae Security Guards Doubled

20 Dec: Yalda, an Ancient Tradition

20 Dec: Achaemenid Exhibition to be held in Spain

20 Dec: The Persian Empire Strikes Back

19 Dec: UPDATE: Destruction of one of the Pasargadae’s Holy Staircases

19 Dec: More Pre-Historical Graves Found in Burnt City

19 Dec: The British Museum's Forgotten Empire Exhibition Receives Ozymandias Award

19 Dec: Over 100 Parthian Statuettes Discovered in Halil-Rud, Kerman

19 Dec: Kurds of Irbil are Living On A Hill Of Undiscovered Treasures

18 Dec: Discovery of Parthian Stucco Decorations in Shushtar

17 Dec: Destruction of one of the Pasargadae’s Holy Staircases

17 Dec: Experts preparing documents to register Iranian gardens on UNESCO list

17 Dec:  Search for second reflecting pool to begin at Isfahan’s Chehel Sotun

17 Dec: Stolen Torah Copies Found

15 Dec: Remains of 5000-year-old Twin Discovered in Burnt City

15 Dec: Ancient Artifacts Selected for Mexico Museum's "10,000 Years of Iranian Art"

15 Dec: Marlik Cup, a Symbol of Northern-Iranian Civilization

15 Dec: A Comprehensive English Translation of Shahnameh to be Published in Britain

14 Dec: The Oldest Iron Age Temple and Brazier Discovered in Qom

14 Dec: Italians Working on Plan to Renovate National Museum

14 Dec: ICHTO Will Buy Jahan Nama Tower

13 Dec: Coin of Sasanian Emperor Khosrow II, along with shards unearthed behind the Shian dam

12 Dec: Discovery of the Remains of an Ancient Mihrab in Gur City

12 Dec: Japanese Experts Take Adobe Samples of Bam Citadel

11 Dec: Discovery of Sasanian Staircase and Pillar in Gur

11 Dec: Burnt City Archeological Base Ill-Equipped

10 Dec: Achaemenid Monument Waiting for Excavations

10 Dec: UNESCO to Revise Nowruz File

09 Dec: Parthian Architectural Remains Discovered in Gilan

08 Dec: The Biggest Restoration Research Center of the Middle East Opens in Iran

08 Dec: Penalties for Destroying National Heritage

08 Dec: Commentary: "Farsi" or "Persian"?

07 Dec: Explosion Rocks Bistun

06 Dec: Decolonizing Persian history

06 Dec: Siyalk 6000-year-old Secrets to be Revealed

06 Dec: Experts Studying Effects of Humidity on Bolaghi Pass

06 Dec: UPDATE: Traces of an ancient civilization found near Manjil Dam

06 Dec: Iran's Museums Short of Funds

06 Dec: Abyaneh Residents Donate Artifacts to Assist Registering their Ancient Village on UNESCO list

05 Dec: 4000-year-old Remains Unearthed beside Manjil Dam

05 Dec: 4th-Millenum BC Mound Discovered in Former Province of Arran

05 Dec: Ministry of Petroleum to Leave Tchogha Zanbil Region
05 Dec: Converted Kish Ancient Canals to Tourist Resort will be Operational by 2007

05 Dec: Race to Salvage Post-Achaemenid Artefacts in Bahrain

04 Dec: French and Italians to Return to Sivand

04 Dec: Call to Invite Foreign Scholars to Burnt City

03 Dec: Sistan-Baluchestan Provincial Heritage Department Fails to Use Academic Potentials

02 Dec: Parthian Site May Have Wrongly Been Identified as Median Ecbatana

01 Dec: Discovery of 30 Sasanian Ovens and Silos behind Shian Dam

01 Dec: Another Chance for Nowruz Inscription

01 Dec: Archaeologists: Yeri Inhabitants Abandoned their Gods






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