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Discovery of 30 Sasanian Ovens and Silos behind Shian Dam


News Category: Sasanian Dynasty

 01 December 2005



The archaeological excavations at the back of Shian Dam in Kermanshah province resulted in the finding of 30 silos and ovens dating back to the Sassanid dynastic era. Archaeologists believe that they should have belonged to the nomads of the region.

Previous to this, a big fire temple, which is supposed to be one of the biggest fire temples belonging to the Sassanid era, was discovered during the archaeological excavations behind the Shian Dam.

“In a vast area out of the fire temple’s, some cubbyholes, silos and ovens have been discovered, which are located in the foot hill near the fire temple. There are also some stone raised platforms which were most probably part of the residences of the inhabitants,” says Hassan Rezvani, head of the archaeological team excavating behind Shian Dam.

“These equipments and raised platforms might have belonged to either those who used to go to the fire temple or to the nomads. There are ovens and twin stoves beside the silos which were most probably used for cooking,” added Rezvani.

There is a hole in the lower part of each of the ovens which might have been to help the flow of air which resulted in firing of the oven. The holes could then be closed with stones. There is a hole in the lower part of each silo as well. Silos were built of burnt bricks. The openings of the silos are 50 centimeters in diameter, and the diameters of the stoves are different. The unearthed clays in the region indicate the remains to have belonged to the Sassanid era.

The main aim of these excavations behind the dam is to save the historical sites. Some evidence from the second millennium BC to the beginning of Islam are found behind the dam.

Source: CHN




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