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Siyalk 6,000-year-old Secrets to be Revealed


News Category: Prehistory/Proto-Elamites (from 8000- )

06 December 2005 



Archaeologists will start the final season of excavations in the pre-historical Siyalk Tepe.

Siyalk Tepe which dates back to more than 8000 years ago is one of the most important historical sites of Iran, located in Kashan city. The remains in this historical hill indicate that it was the residential area of many ethnic groups in the course of history. Siyalk was first excavated by Roman Grishman, French archaeologist. During his excavations, Grishman unearthed a giant structure which he called the brick structure of Siyalk.

“Despite the previous plans, just the northern hill of Siyalk will be excavated during the last season of excavations to study again the history of the sixth millennium BC in Siyalk,” said Sadegh Malek Shahmirzadi, head of the excavation team of Siyalk.

“Since the forth season of excavations is focusing just on the northern hill, it seems that like the previous years there is no need for the attendance of foreign researchers on the site,” explained Malek.

Four excavation seasons in Siyalk Tepe led to new discoveries about this pre-historical site. Some big clay jars, a giant earthen monument as ziggurat, the skeletons of a man and a girl who were most probably buried under debris due to an earthquake, and hundreds of other historical evidence have been unearthed during the excavations.

“Grishman was a genius archeologist. He excavated Siyalk very systematically, but the facilities for archaeological excavations were limited at his time. Today with the use of the interdisciplinary studies we can obtain more information about life of the ethic groups during the pre-historic periods,” said Malek.

Since Silak Tepe is now located inside the perimeters of Kashan city and many residential houses surround it, the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization of Iran has presented a project to clear up the Siyalk area.





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