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February 2005


"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."



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01 Feb: International Seminar of Halilrood Civilization Inaugurated

01 Feb: Elamite Inscription Found on Ancient Jiroft Brick

05 Feb: Mystery of Achaemenid City Abandonment still Unresolved

05 Feb: Five Ancient Game Boards Identified among Jiroft Relics

05 Feb: Lack of Funds Delay Pasargadae Museum

06 Feb: Remains of a 3000-year-old city found in Gilan

07 Feb: Jean Perrot: Jiroft Is the Archaeological Capital of the World (Interview)

08 Feb: Costantini: Burnt City won’t Let any Archeologist Down (Interview)

08 Feb: Parthian Swords Found In National Museum

10 Feb: 4th Millennium BCE Residential Areas Discovered in Bam

10 Feb: 8000 years-old Workshop Discovered in Shahrud

10 Feb: Pahlavi language still used in central Iran

10 Feb: UK Returns Looted Iranian Artifacts

11 Feb: No More Illegal Excavations in Jiroft

12 Feb: Settlement Dated to 4th Millennium BCE Discovered in Arran 

13 Feb: Burial Site of Elamite King Undergoes Excavations

13 Feb: 7000-year-old Animal Bones Discovered in Northwestern Iran

13 Feb: Pasargadae Can Withstand Earthquakes

14 Feb: Researchers to document ancient Iranian architecture

14 Feb: Evidence of 8000-year-old Agricultural Activities Found in Shahrud

15 Feb: Foreign Experts to Attempt to Decipher Newly Discovered Jiroft Script

16 Feb: CHO Experts Rescue Izeh`s Stone Lions

16 Feb: Persian Manuscripts Kept in Britain

16 Feb: Dinosaur Footprints Found in Kerman

18 Feb: Archaeology in Iran: could the Bulaghi Dam Project Be a Blessing in Disguise?

19 Feb: Cuneiform Tablets Discovered in Haft Tapeh

19 Feb: Astonishing mortarless architecture of Palace of Cyrus the Great in Charkhab

20 Feb: Dams in Iran: reprieve for some, no time left for others

21 Feb: Italians and Iranians Join to Save Bolaghi Ancient Sites

22 Feb: Akkadian Inscriptions Discovered at Haft-Tappeh

22 Feb: Iranian Archaeology Wouldn’t Grow Behind the Closed Doors

23 Feb: Archaeologists Save 2500-Year-Old Shards of Tang-e Bolaghi

26 Feb: Urban planning used in Dahaneh Gholaman 2500 years ago

26 Feb: Unique Column Bases of Palace of Cyrus the Great Unearthed in Charkhab

27 Feb: Achaemenid Stone Fragments Discovered Near Shiraz





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