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Parthian Swords Found In National Museum


08 February 2005




LONDON, (CAIS) -- Four swords dating back to the Parthian dynastic era (248 BCE- 224 CE) have been identified in the depository of Iran National Museum.

An Iranian archeologist residing in Germany who specializes in ancient armaments, Manuchehr Moshtaq said that in the last eight years, he conducted a thorough study of weapons used by ancient Iranians which are maintained in major world museums including Louvre, Metropolitan and Armitage and found the four swords at the depository of Iran National Museum.

He told Persian service of CHN that these are the only Parthian swords to have been identified so far. Historical records indicated that the Parthians were well equipped in terms of weapons and armors given the victories in the wars they fought with the help of exemplary strong warriors.

While looking for the swords at the National Museum of Iran, I came across the four swords which were different from those used during the Achaemenid and Sasanid dynastic eras. And since the cavalry needed longer swords in the combat and that the Parthians are well-known for cavalry divisions of troops. I came to the conclusion that they belonged to the Parthian (Aresacid) warriors, Moshtaq said.

He said that the discovery is a breakthrough in classification of the swords in the museums of the world.

Fortunately, the record of the swords indicated that they were unearthed from the historical site of Rashi and Norouz Mahalleh, supporting the originality of the swords in the Arsacid dynasty the expert said.

On the quality of the swords, he said that it was very difficult to determine the quality accurately and it needs more time. The first perception is that the swords are made of iron, but, a German expert on ironware Anne Feuerbach believes that Parthians had access to steel and the swords may have been made of steel.







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