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January 2005


"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."


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01 Jan 2005:  Parthian Subterranean Village Discovered Near Maragheh

01 Jan 2005:  32 Sasanid Kings Had 100 Types of Crowns

01 Jan 2005:  Britain hands over 30 ancient artifacts to Iranian officials

02 Jan 2005:  International Archaeologists to Start Work in Tang-e-Bolaghi

02 Jan 2005:  Burnt City Mysterious Past Revealing One by One

03 Jan 2005:  Ancient Marble Toys Found in Takht-e Soleyman

04 Jan 2005:  7000 Years Old Settlements Found in Boushehr

05 Jan 2005:  One million year "Homo-erectus" Found In Iran

05 Jan 2005:  Iran: Exporter of Pistachio Since Achaemenid Era

06 Jan 2005:  5000 Years Old Seal Discovered in Jiroft

07 Jan 2005:  Dinosaur Footprints Foud In Kerman

08 Jan 2005:  Stolen Artifacts Confiscated in London to Be Returned to Iran

08 Jan 2005:  Persepolis Erosion Under Study

09 Jan 2005:  Parthian and Sassanid Sites Discovered in Northwestern Iran

09 Jan 2005:  Khuzistan Entered into Writing Period with Egypt & Mesopotamia

09 Jan 2005:  Pasargadae Winged Figure: Victim of Cold, Fungi and Negligence

10 Jan 2005:  Parthian Circular City Found in Khorasan

11 Jan 2005:  5000-Year-Old Industrial Center Found in Jiroft

12 Jan 2005:  British Museum to Loan Cyrus the Great Cylinder

13 Jan 2005:  Ancient seal corroborates Bistun Inscription text

14 Jan 2005:  Achaemenids Made First Colorless Glassware in Iran

18 Jan 2005:  International Committee to Save Historical Remains of Tang-e-Bolaghi

18 Jan 2005:  Iran- 5000 Year-old Jiroft Civilization Was Overpopulated

18 Jan 2005:  Third Salt Man Discovered in Zanjan

19 Jan 2005:  Neolithic remains found in Semnan

20 Jan 2005:  Excavation of 3400-year-old Ruins of Kabnak Set to Begin

20 Jan 2005:  Achaemenids Used Refined Fuels for Lighting

20 Jan 2005:  Stolen Iranian Relics Return from UAE and UK

20 Jan 2005:  Danish Archaeologists in Search of Vikings in Iran

21 Jan 2005:  Archaeologists discover 6000-year-old rocky habitation in Jiroft

21 Jan 2005:  Sasanid Inscription Found Near Estakhr

22 Jan 2005:  First phase of Naghsh-e Jahan Museum to Open Next Year

22 Jan 2005:  Laser Mapping of Bam Fortification Underway

22 Jan 2005:  Swastika Is Ancient Sacred Symbol to Indo-Iranians

23 Jan 2005:  Isfahan Officials Urged to Protect Magnificence of Historical Naqsh-e Jahan Square

23 Jan 2005:  Topographical Studies of Sassanid City to Commence Next Week

24 Jan 2005:  International Airport Lies on 3200 Year-old Treasure

25 Jan 2005:  Stolen Swords of Mellat Palace Museum to Return to Iran

25 Jan 2005:  Persepolis Constructed with Prefabricated Stones

25 Jan 2005:  65 Archeological Sites Found in Moghan Plain

26 Jan 2005:  5000 Year old Cumin Found in Burnt City

28 Jan 2005:  Jiroft Lived on Developed Agriculture 5000 Years Ago

29 Jan 2005:  UNESCO warns Iran on World Heritage site in Esfahan

29 Jan 2005:  Mazandaran's site back to 11,000 years ago opens to public

30 Jan 2005:  6000-year-old site in southeast Iran yields huge cache of earthenware

30 Jan 2005:  600,000 Ancient Potsherds Identified in Halilrood Plain

31 Jan 2005;  Old brick tablet discovered in Iran

31 Jan 2005;  Ancient Millimeter-Precise Ruler Unearthed in the Burnt City






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