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Parthian Circular City Found in Khorasan


10 January 2005



Iranian archeologists have found the architectural plan of a Parthian circular city in Nehbandan castle in southern Khorasan.


Nehbandan castle is one of the most important ancient cities in Iran that has signs of different historical periods. Though it hasn’t been much excavated, archeologists have found remains from Parthian (250 BC – 226 AD) to Safavid (1501 – 1722) eras.


"As this site hasn’t been studied much, we began studying the structures in this historical complex 2 years ago and found out that it has a circular form", Naser Nasr-abadi, head of excavations in this site, told CHN.


Aerial photographs have been a great help in identifying the circular form of this city that has a diameter of 250 sq meters and covers an area of about 50 sq meters, said Nasr-abadi.


According to historical documents, circular architecture was much used in different historical periods including Parthian era, but this is the first archeological evidence of this kind of city belonging to Parthian era found in Iran.


Iranian experts have studied this city extensively in the last 3 years in order to identify its precise historical background. Now on the basis of a piece of ceramic with Pahlavi inscriptions and the head of a statue belonging to Parthian era, the experts are assured that the city has been built in Parthian era and been of great importance to this dynasty.




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