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July 2005


"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."


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01 July: Iran to Commemorate Iranian Hero Babak at his Castle

01 July: Lost Median Medallion Found After 30 Years

02 July: Experts to Guide Visitors at Dež-e Babak (Babak Fort)

02 July: Iranian Zoroastrian Anthropology Museum opens in Kerman

02 July: 6000-Year-Old Clay Coupons Discovered in Southern Iran

02 July: Controversy Over Illegal Road Construction at Sasanian Hunting Ground Continues

03 July: Archaeologists to Reopen Persepolis Ancient Sewage System

03 July: Historic Map of North Khuzestan Under Compilation

03 July: Archaeologists Studying Sasanid city in Ilam Province

04 July: Concerns Over Illegal Road Construction Plan Over Ancient Bistun Site

05 July: Amphibian Fossils Discovered Near Isfahan

07 July: A Feminist Village in Iran

07 July: Aryan (Old-Persian) Cuneiform Predating Darius the Great

09 July: Remnants of Ancient Castle Unveiled in Nahavand 

11 July: Footballers Trampling on Ancient Sites of Susa

11 July: Constructions Threaten Submerged Sites

12 July: Shards Bearing Garduneh-e Mehr (Swastika) Motif Found at Elamite site in Khuzestan

12 July: National Flag Rooted in Iranian Myth

13 July: Achaemenid Era Stone Fragments Discovered Near Shiraz

15 July: Soltaniyé Joined the UNESCO List of World Heritage

17 July: Discovery of Three Thousand-Year-Old Remains of Burial Rituals in Qom Altars

17 July: Median Structures Found in Moosh Tappe

 17 July: Authenticity of Oxus Treasure to be Examined by Iranian Expert at British Museum

18 July: Persepolis Endangered by Smoke from Burning Fields

18 July: Reconstruction of Achaemenid Battle-Ship in Shiraz

19 July: Unusual Iron Age Steles Discovered in Ardebil Province

19 July: Discovery of a Neolithic Site at Gavkhooni Lagoon, Isfahan

20 July: Rescue Archaeology in Bolaqi Gorge Caves

20 July: Qom's Awqaf (Endowments) Department and Destruction Ancient Qoli Darvish Teppe

22 July: The Construction of New Dams Threatening the 3000-Year-Old Historical Mounds

23 July: Kermanshah Historic Sites Looted

23 July: Protection of Rey Heritage Essential

23 July: Yazd Cultural Heritage at Risk
23 July: Ancient Bistun Has Lost its Chance to be Registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List

23 July: Chogha Zanbil Sanctuaries Undergoing Renovation

24 July: Ancient Artifacts Discovered at Achaemenid Bardak Siah Palace

24 July: Ancient Cemetery Discovered in Ilam Province

25 July: Tehran Sanctioned to Loan Achaemenid Artifacts to Britain for “Forgotten Empire”

25 July: An Achaemenid Stone Column Discovered at Ecbatana

25 July: Ganj-Namé Inscriptions Under Threat

26 July: Gonbad Qaboos Municipality, ICHTO at Loggerheads

27 July: St. Stephanus Bones Discovered in a Marand' Church

29 July: Ancient Rock Paintings Found in Hamedan

29 July: Ilkhanid Dynasty Site on Kish Island Yields New Artifacts

29 July: Cabinet Approves Law on Establishment of Private Museums

30 July: Varamin’s Ancient Tower Under Threat

30 July: Ilkhanid Dynasty Aq-Qaleh in Jeopardy

30 July: Isfahan Plans to Save its Historic Factories

30 July: Izeh, Smugglers’ Most Popular Ancient Site

30 July: 7000-Year-Old Stone Tools Discovered in Bam

30 July: Unprecedented Growth of Unauthorized Excavations in Mazandaran

31 July: Zoroaster’s Kaba, in Naqsh-e Rustam, the World’s Most Unique Ancient Calendrical Structure



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