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Lost Median Medallion Found After 30 Years


01 July 2005



After having been misplaced for three decades, a brass medallion bearing the image of a Median nobleman was found in the Tehran University Archaeology Institute’s storehouse for artifacts discovered at Qareh-Tappeh near Sagzabad, Qazvin Province.


Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization expert Mehrdad Malekzadeh said on Friday that the medallion is probably a belt buckle.


“The medallion is made of white brass and the engraved figure on the medallion is wearing an Iranian costume dating back to the Median era.


“The figure is wearing a Median era hat and wrinkled costume. He is also wearing a pair of leather riding boots and holding a mace in his hand,” he added.


Malekzadeh believes that the design of the engravings on the medallion is a cross between the style of ancient Lorestan and the style of gold and silver medallions found in the ancient Oxus treasure.


“The medallion seems to have a simpler design compared to those of the Oxus, but enjoys better craftsmanship compared to the Lorestan brass works,” he said


The mystery of why the nobleman is wearing a Median hat and a Parthian costume can only be explained through research and reexamination of the ancient texts, he noted.


Geographically, the plain of Qazvin is part of North Central Iran and is located on the southern slopes of the Alburz Mountains.


Archaeological studies of the region began in the 1970s with excavations of the three sites of Zagheh, Ghabrestan, and Sagzabad. However, no comprehensive research was carried out on the artifacts discovered at the sites, some of which date back to circa 3000 BC.


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