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June 2005 


"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."


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01 June: Iran Files Lawsuits to Reclaim Stolen Artifacts from Pakistan

03 June: Prehistoric Village of Maymand Wins UNESCO’s Melina Mercouri Prize

03 June: Thousands of stolen artifacts from Iraqi Museums have found

04 June: Gilan Welcomes Japanese Archaeologists for a Final Season

05 June: Scientists Study the Archaeological Excavation of Ahmad Abad

05 June: Ancient Susa threatened by farming

05 June: A Sasanid Tower Unearthed Near Falakolaflak Castle

06 June: Excavations Begin at 6000-Year-Old Iranian Mound

06 June: Oxford University Carbon-14 Dating Iranian Salt Men

07 June: Two-level Platform Unearthed Behind Ay-Doghumoush Dam

07 June: Investigations by Archaeologists in Mishmahig (Bahrain) are Unearthing New Evidence of Ancient Trading Links

07 June: Presidential Campaign and Damages to Iran's National Heritage

07 June: Oxford University to Carbon Date Iranian Salt Men

08 June: 104 Forts Identified in Sistan-Baluchistan

09 June: 400,000-year-old stone tools discovered in Mazandaran

09 June: Australians Archaeologists Assist Iran Reveal Its Persian Gulf Past

09 June: “Ancient Glory of Iran” Returns Home From Germany

10 June: Achaemenid Bronze Ornament, Handle of Dagger Discovered at Bardak Siah

11 June: Archaeologists to Work in Abyaneh Village for the First Time

11 June: Iranian Women at the time of Achaemenid Dynasty Were Using Poisoned Daggers for Protection

12 June: Poor Civic Amenities Destroying Historical Textures

12 June: Iranian & U.S. Experts to Excavate Jondishapur, the Oldest Academic City of in the World

12 June: Sasanian Tower Unearthed Near Falakolaflak Castle

13 June: Iran’s New Raid Against Jiroft Smugglers Ordered

13 June: Azar Barzin-Mehr Fire Temple Found in Sabzevar

14 June: Ancient City of Sirvan to be Excavated

14 June: American Archaeologist Participate in Excavation of the First World Academic City

15 June: 3,200 Years-Old Fingerprints Identified at Mamourin Tepe

16 June: Exhibition of Achaemenid Tablets & Seals in Iran’s National Museum

16 June: CNRS Paleontologists Study Damavand Foothills

17 June: Ancient Monuments Neglected

18 June: UNESCO to Decide on Naghsh-e Jahan and Sultanieh in Durban

18 June: Archaeologists’ Efforts to Study Isfahan’s Atiq Square Hindered by Construction Activities

18 June: Joint Iranian & Japanese Archaeological Team to Study Neolithic Caves at Tang-e Bolaghi

18 June: DNA Samples Extracted From Second Salt Man

19 June: Sasanid-Style Map of Iran on Display in Tabriz

19 June: Map of Yazd Up for Revision

19 June: CNRS Wraps up Excavations in Yazd

19 June: Sole Greek-Style Structure in Iran Under Re-examination

20 June: Sivand Project will Drown 174 Ancient Sites

20 June: Search on for Secret of Greek-Persian Sea Battle

21 June: Archaeologists Fight to Save Mesopotamian Sites

21 June: New Archaeological Discoveries in Kish Island

21 June: Artefacts from Persepolis and Ecbatana Museums on Display in British Museum’s “Forgotten Empire”

21 June: Iran May Lose its' Chance to Introduce World’s Most Ancient Animation

21 June: Seminar Reviews Zanjan's Salt Men

22 June: Sasanid Fortress & Canals Discovered in Gorgan

22 June: Mausoleum of Cyrus the Great at Risk

22 June: Jundi Shapur, the Oldest Academic City in the World Facing Destruction

23 June: A 3,000 Years-Old Burial of a Dog Discovered in North of Iran

23 June: UNESCO Calls for Stopping Illegal Dig in Khvarvaran

23 June: CHTO Experts to Demarcate Borders of Persian Empire

25 June: Excavations Underway to Locate Ancient Greek Temple in Western Iran

25 June: French Team Discovers 50,000-Year-Old Settlement in Damavand area

29 June: Fresh Call of ICHTO for Reducing Height of Jahan Nama Tower in Isfahan

29 June: Discovery of a Sasanian City in Elam Province




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