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March 2005


"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."


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01 March: New Hypothesis for Foundation of Dahaneh-Gholaman

01 March: Jiroft Third Excavation Season Wrapped Up Successfully

01 March: Ancient Bodies Found in Bam Fortification Reached 62

02 March: 400 tonnes of Ancient Coins were Smuggled from Afghanistan

03 March: Achaemenid Village Discovered in Bolaghi Gorge

04 March: 3-meter-long Pre-historic Ivory Found in Maragheh

05 March: 500 Sasanid Monuments To Be Registered

05 March: Britain Will Return 118 Stolen Jiroft Artifacts

05 March: Harvard Archaeologists to Return to Iran

05 March: Large Collection of Potsherds Found in Bam Fortification

06 March: Archaeologists Demand Postponement of Sivand Dam Flooding

07 March: Discovery of 3000-year-old Artist in Espidej

08 March: Girl with Silver Earrings Found in the Burnt City

08 March: Archaeologists to excavate Qom’s Iron Age site Shamshirgah

08 March: Human Settlement in Iran’s Central Plateau Dates back to 10,000 Years Ago

09 March: Iran, Afghanistan & Tajikistan Cooperate to Restore Achaemenid Relics

10 March: Sasanid City Turned into Garbage Dump

13 March: Ancient Relief and Inscription Found in Boushehr

14 March: Ancient Sites at Bolaghi Gorge at Risk 

15 March: 50kg Achaemenid Clay Jug Found in Bolaghi Gorge

17 March: Ruins of Ordinary Homes from Achaemenid Era Discovered in Bolaghi Gorge

17 March: Persian New Year Transcends Religions, Regimes

20 March: Archeologist says Central Asia was cradle of ancient Iranian religion

20 March: Vernal Equinox, the Commencement of Iranian Calendar

21 March: Iranian New Year Celebrated Around the World

22 March: Iranian Orthoped Assembles 3000 Year Old Skeleton

24 March: Geophysical Studies on the Longest Wall of Ancient Iran

26 March: Bolaghi Gorge Was a Rich Achaemenid Neighborhood

26 March: Experts to Study D.N.A. of the Burnt City Citizens

28 March: More Industrial Centers Discovered North of Jiroft




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