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May 2005 


"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."


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02 May: Forty Two Archaeological Sites Threatened by New Dam Projects in Fars Province

02 May: Achaemenid Princess: A Royal Invitee to Forgotten Empire Exhibition

03 May: UNESCO Documents on Jahan Nama Case to be Submitted to Isfahan Court

04 May: The 4th Salt Man is a Young Adult

04 May: Ancient Clay Seal Found in Bolaghi Gorge

05 May: Ancient Clay Tariff Certificates Discovered at Toll-e Bondu

06 May: Italian Digs Unearth Ancient Parthian Imperial Court of Mehrdad-Gerd

07 May: Sasanid Skeleton Rises from Bolaghi Gorge

07 May: First Neolithic Site of Gilan Discovered

08 May: Clay Pipes Unearthed in Bolaghi Gorge

09 May: Inflation Rate in Parthian Times: Less than One Percent

10 May: Gharbal Biz of Yazd Dates Back to Achaemenid dynasty

10 May: Unique Burials and Human Skeletons Identified in Lafourak of Mazandaran

14 May: Parthian Bronze Coffin with Golden Blindfold Found in Lorestan

15 May: Square Pond Discovered at Tang-e Bolaghi

16 May: Iran Trying to Get Back its Smuggled Treasures from Turkey

16 May: 5000-Year-Old Espidež Cemetery Plundered 

17 May: Ancient Purple Potsherds Discovered in Eastern Azarbaijan

17 May: Skeleton with Knife to its Throat Discovered in Bolaghi Gorge

17 May: New find at Palace of Cyrus the Great in Charkhab

17 May: Another skeleton discovered at Tang-e Bolaghi

18 May: London and Paris markets flooded with looted Iranian antiquities

18 May: Burnt City’s Satellite Villages to Shed Light on Ancient Lifestyles

19 May: Ten Column Bases Discovered in Charkahb Cyrus Palace

19 May: Unique Pottery Buried along Lafourak Dead

19 May: CHTO Prepares Documents to Register Bistun on the World Heritage list

19 May: Smugglers Loot Ancient Site in Central Province

19 May: Iran Calls for Return of Stolen Artifacts from Belgium

20 May: Theory of Ili-pi Kings Ruling over Lorestan Consolidated

22 May: D.N.A. of Lorestan Skeleton to be Studied

23 May: Iron Age inhabitants of Lafurak May have been pacifist

24 May: Peaceful People of Lafourak Left No Armory

25 May: Remains of Wine Production Found in Bolaghi Gorge

25 May: Iran Seeks Return of Borrowed Artifacts From Chicago’s Oriental Institute

26 May: Thousands of Stone Tools Found of Lorestan Aurignacian People

28 May: French Police on Trail of Smugglers of Stolen Jiroft Artifacts

29 May: Median Priests Tombs Found in Qom Province

29 May: Dam Construction Threatening Historical Sites in Gilan

30 May: Parthian and Sasanid Inscribed Vocabulary Collected in a Dictionary

30 May: Iran Uncovers More of Its Winemaking Past

30 May: Lafourak Male Skeleton Wears Gold and Silver Earrings


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