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"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."


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30 Dec: UNESCO: Short Film on Norouz Incomplete

30 Nov: Iranian-British Experts to Study Ancient Children’s Growth Rates at Burnt City

30 Nov: Sivand Dam’s Inundation Postponed for 6 Months

30 Nov: Rebel Science: Neolithic Iran & Wine-Making

30 Nov: Italian Archaeologists Classify Isfahan Jame’ Mosque Potteries

28 Nov: A Rush to Excavate Ancient Iranian Sites

27 Nov: First Samples of Prehistoric Flint Stones Discovered in Iran

27 Nov: Achaemenid Oil-Extraction Chambers Discovered

27 Nov: ICHTO Seeks Delay In Commissioning Sivand Dam

26 Nov: UNESCO Intangible Heritage did not Register Nowruz

26 Nov: Burnt City Excavation in Early Stages

25 Nov: Seminar on Iranian civilization opens at Japan's Matsudo Museum

24 Nov: Discovery of Ancient Residences in Achaemenid Dahan-e Gholaman

24 Nov: Path through Sivand Gorge to be Saved from

24 Nov: ICHTO Neglecting the National Heritage

24 Nov: Burnt City, the Best Archaeological Site for Human Resources

24 Nov: Iran’s Neighbours to Revive Iran's Varzesh-e Pahlevani

23 Nov: Sivand Pass Structures Based on Pasargad Imperial Architecture

23 Nov: Top Iranian Institutions to Form an Archeological Databank

22 Nov: Discovery of a Late-Parthian/Early-Sasanian Fire Temple In Kermanshah

22 Nov: Darius the Great Formed Persian Gulf Coastal Guard

22 Nov: Burnt City International Conference in Zabol University

22 Nov: German Archeologist Resumes Firouzabad Excavations

22 Nov: Funds Needed to Register Leading Personalities With UNESCO

21 Nov: 201 Artefacts Selected for Achaemenid Exhibition in Japan

20 Nov: Japanese return to complete studies at Gilan’s ancient sites

20 Nov: Ancient Iranian Art Exhibit Judged Best

20 Nov: 60 Historical Villages in Tehran

19 Nov: Date of Sivand Dam Inundation to be Discussed

19 Nov: French and Canadians Researchers to Explore Mazandaran Caves

19 Nov: First Museum Management Workshop in Tehran

17 Nov: An Ancient Grave Accidentally Discovered in Siraf

17 Nov: Update: Portuguese Praise “7,000 Years of Persian Art”

17 Nov: Iranian-Japanese team to Complete Gilan Excavations

17 Nov: Research on Deformed Skulls of Burnt City to be Carried Out

17 Nov: Ancient Artifacts Under Threat

16 Nov: “7000 Years of Persian Art” Praised in Portugal

16 Nov: Kerman Dwarf Turned out Premature Baby

16 Nov: Foreign Experts Talk of Siraf History

16 Nov: ICHTO Director Vows to Revive Iranian Wind Catchers

16 Nov: Siraf, a Legendary Ancient Port

16 Nov: International Seminar on Aqueducts (Kâriz/Qanât) Held in Kerman

16 Nov: Lorestan Province Needs Ten Museums

15 Nov: Farmers Accused of Plunder at Jondi Shapur Ancient Site

15 Nov: Another Achaemenid village emerges at Tang-e Bolaghi

15 Nov: Gorgan Home to Asia’s Second Great Wall

15 Nov: Achaemenid Rural Houses Found in Bolaghi Gorge

14 Nov: Burnt City Ancient Animation Proposed as ASIFA Logo

14 Nov: Armenian Scholars to Compile New Persian Etymology Dictionary

14 Nov: British Expert Joins Research Project at Iron Age Site in Northeast Iran

14 Nov: Iran Suspended Explosions in Choghazanbil

13 Nov: Decision on Sivand Dam Left to ICHTO

13 Nov: UPDATE: Discovery of the Parthian Architectural Remains in Gilan

13 Nov: Lending Iranian Artifacts to Foreign Countries Criticized

12 Nov: Campaign Against Distortion of Iranian Architecture by Arabs

12 Nov: New Findings Reject Germans' Theory about Takht-e Soleiman

12 Nov: Choghazanbil Explosions May Be Related to Islamic Revolution Guards' Exercise

11 Nov: Parthian era wall unearthed in Gilan

11 Nov: Armenia Archeologists Find Ancient Iranian Burial Mounds

11 Nov: Ancient Judeo-Persian Texts Could Unlock Persian Past

10 Nov: Moves to Prevent Persepolis Erosion

10 Nov: Japanese Researchers Has Found 8th century Buddhist Stone Caves

10 Nov: Technology Essential in Archaeological Studies

10 Nov: Looted Relics from Iraqi Museums Slow To Surface

09 Nov: Three Large Iron-Age Clay Statuettes Discovered in Gohar Tepe

09 Nov: ICHTO to Register Iran's Cultural Heritage Beyond her Modern Borders

08 Nov: Map of Takht-e Soleiman Almost Complete

08 Nov: UN Makes Mockery of Iranian Heritage: Iranian Windcatchers have become Arabic Invention!

08 Nov: ICHTO Director: Reliance on Foreigner archaeologists Should Reduce

07 Nov: Fresh Calls for Delay in Commissioning Sivand Dam

07 Nov: A Parthian Chahar-Taqi in Jahrom on the verge of destruction

07 Nov: Scores of Sassanid seals discovered at Takht-e Soleiman

06 Nov: New Reservoir Dam Project Threatened Sassanid Dam 

06 Nov: 3,500-Year-Old Archive Found

06 Nov: Mystery of Jar Burial in Gohar Tepe

05 Nov: Dam construction uncovers Sassanid-style graves near Kermanshah

05 Nov: Dictionary of Manichaean Texts being compiled in Britain

04 Nov: Germany's Mainz University to Continue Haft Tappeh Excavations

03 Nov: Mount Khwajeh , the Biggest Unbaked Mud Structure from Parthian Times

02 Nov: Year 2006, the Preservation of the Buddhist Monastery of Ajina Tepe

01 Nov: Iran Creates Databank of Cultural Heritage Experts




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