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International Seminar on Aqueducts (Kâriz/Qanât) Held in Kerman


News Category: Cultural

 16 November 2005



(CHN)-- The third international seminar on traditional aqueducts will be held in 23 and 24th of November in Kerman City.

Ancient Iranians in the north-west of Greater-Iran, an area now located in central Turkey dug aqueducts to be able to exploit the mineral waters. Little by little the technique was used by farmers and in the course of history it spread to the whole plateau of Iran and even to Europe and Africa.

Now the international seminar on aqueducts will be held in the city of Kerman with the aid of some domestic and foreign executive and scientific institutes.

In the 3rd edition of this international seminar, the agenda includes studying aqueducts from different scientific aspects, aqueducts and environment, aqueducts maintenance and management, flooding section and artificial nourishment, irregular use of the aqueduct system, studying infrastructural and structural problems in aqueducts, mathematical and physical construction of aqueducts, hydrology and hydrogeology in aqueducts, aqueduct drainage, and the use of new technologies in the aqueduct system.

In the seminar, Iranian and foreign experts will study different technical and cultural aspects of aqueducts in the course of history and in the present time.





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