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Manifest of Academy of Art about Sivand Dam


01 October 2005



(Farhangestan: Academy of Art) -- In recent days there were lots of news about Sivand dam and its endangering the historical monuments. Regarding the fact that historical monuments are artistic and cultural heritage of Iranian nation, importance of Fars region, and importance of policy making when there is a contradiction between developing plans and maintenance of cultural heritage of Iran, Academy of Art according to its legal duties is announcing the following points to be paid attention by Iranians and authorities of the country:

1- The public and mass media sensibility toward endangerment of historical monuments and in this case Sivand dam is a good happening. Such sensibility is showing increase of awareness of people and authorities in mass media toward cultural heritage and for sure it will ensure maintenance of such monuments in the country.

2- However it has to be noticed that responsible sensibility is different with brawling. In responsible sensibility the main goal is to find the truth and maintaining it. Hence, in brawling truth has no value.

According to documents Sivand dam do not endanger even region of Pasargadae and has kilometers distance with Persepolis. The right news was that monuments of Bolaqhi gorge are in danger because of Sivand dam.

3- In a country like Iran, any developing plan may result in damaging some known or unknown historical monument and therefore make a loss in cultural support of Iran and the world. On the other hand, preventing developing plans for the suspicious of existing historical monuments is not possible. As a result, the best way is to make a balance between developing plans and maintenance of historical monuments according to law. Making such a balance is only possible with cooperation of building companies with Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization.

4- To obtain such a goal, it is necessary that all the organizations which has big building plans including dams announce their plans to Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization. As far as there are rules in this regard, it’s necessary that all the organizations act according to law including note 114 of the forth five-year developing plan and its executing rules. According to this law and its executing rules all the governmental organizations should plan for historical study of the region they are going to work on under control of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization.

5- Regarding importance of time in execution of building plans, Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization should be organized to answer requirements of governmental organizations in a very short period.

6- It’s obvious if such considerations were paid attention in the previous decade, they could find a better place for building the dam in Sivand and besides there could be provided a good opportunity for an archaeological study.

7- At the moment there is an archaeological plan of study to be performed in Bolaghi gorge region and by its finishing the dam will be used. It’s better that a cooperative plan be considered between Energy Ministry and Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization for the study plan to be finished and the dam to be used.




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