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Parthian Khorhe’s Sixth Season of Archaeological Excavation is Completed



11 October 2005



The outcome of the sixth season of archaeological research in the Khorhe resulted in an indication of the boundary of the Parthian structural complex and preparing its plan.


“In this season we have managed to excavate the external and internal parts of the manor house. Also we have found a part of outer wall, which was located in the adjacent tappeh. The courtyard and the rest of the structure will be excavated in future”, Dr Mehdi Rahbar, head of excavation announced in a press conference yesterday.


Khorhe_parthian_columnsCAIS.JPG (70016 bytes)“The outer wall made of travertine stones, with a length 27 to 28 meters from the main gate, which enclose the southwest of the tappeh. Tappeh itself is located in 4000 meters above the plain level, which is expected to be excavated in the near future”, Rahbar stated.


“The manor house was erected at the peak of the tappeh’s slope, with a views over the plain. It was constructed around 1st century CE, and it was in use until the fall of Parthian dynasty. The structure is of a historical importance which provides us with a valuable information” Rahabr asserted.


He continued, “the material cultures that recovered from the site, are including a hammer-headed vessel with decoration around its rim, few knife sharpeners made of sandstone, a typical Parthian small marble vessel, bronze fingerings, various pottery, pieces of Parthian Jeringi ceramic vessels, and a large ceramic pot with flattened foots, which was field at the bottom with gypsum to prevent it from cracking.


“The architectural and cultural evidence discovered from the building, points out to the high social status of the owner of the complex, possibly was closely related to the ruling Imperial House of Ashkan. The inner walls of the complex were originally decorated with various colours, such as red, orange and brown, but in later date, around 400 CE were covered with white stuccos” Rahbar added.


This is the only Parthian structure with such a complete plan that we have in Iran-Proper, which is parallel to another Parthian structure located in Abu-Qabur near Baghdad, in modern Iraq”, Rahbar concluded.


Currently a budget of 2,000,000,000 RLS allocated by CHN to the Khorhe project for future excavations.



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