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Traces of Fabric Found in 7,000-years-old Gohar Tepe



10 October 2005


Iranian archaeologists have discovered traces of ancient fabrics in the ruins of a burnt structure in Gohar Tepe, 7000 year-old site in Mazandaran. This is the first time that any sign of fabric is found in the site.

Considering the vulnerability of fabric and its fast decomposition in the nature, any discovery of such material can be seen as a great achievement.

“The traces of fabrics in the site,” said Kobra Aqayi, an archaeologist of the site, “were found beside some spindles on plastered floor. Due to multiplicity of the discovered spindles, we believe that the structure was dedicated to weaving activities.”

Although the traces were found on plastered floor, no remains of fabric have been found yet. Regarding the tiles which were found in the site, the archaeologists believe that the traces of fabric belong to the Iron Age (3450 to 2550 years ago).

According to experts, the structure was probably destroyed by fire.

“All of the tiles in the structure were jointly broken and this proves that the ceiling had collapsed because of an accident, probably a fire,” said Ali Mahforouzi, head of excavation team in Gohar Tepe.

“No corpse was found in the ruins,” he added, “therefore, the structure should have collapsed while no one was in it.”

Gohar Tepe is one of the most important archaeological sites in northern Iran in which artifacts of 7000 years ago have been found.

Meanwhile, some parts of the site are being destroyed because of agricultural activities.

The excavations in the site started 2 months ago. The region entered the urbanization phase about 5000 years ago during which it had close trade relations with the inhabitants of Mazandaran and Golestan provinces.


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