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Sivand Dam Welcomes Tour of World Experts


13 October 2005



(CHN) -- The Tour leaders’ Association of Iran is planning to hold a tour for a team of world dam experts to Fars province to visit the Sivand Dam and Pasargadae cultural heritage site presumably in November.

“Not only Iranians but all of those interested in cultural heritage around the world are somehow concerned about the building of Sivand Dam, few kilometers from Bolaghi Gorge and the historical site of Pasargadae,” Ebrahim Pourfaraj, director of Iran’s Tourleaders’ Association, told CHN, adding that the tour is an initiative to provide people with a realistic picture of the situation.

According to Pourfaraj, the Tourleaders’ Association of Iran is determined to reach an agreement with some of the managers of tour agencies and the head of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization of Iran to use the opportunity and hold some tours for the dam experts of the other countries to visit Sivand Dam before its flooding, “to survey the coexistence of the two new and ancient phenomena alongside each other,” he concluded.

Following the news of Sivand Dam in Bolaghi Gorge, Fars province, being inundated in the near future, a false rumor spread around the world of Pasargadae site being in serious danger of being drowned and destructed. Today, experts believe that the only threat of the dam to Pasargadae is changes in humidity level, which is planned to be controlled by determining a justified water level for the dam.

However, since Bolaghi Gorge site is to be drowned, experts started archaeological excavations there some time ago under a comprehensive salvation project in which archaeologists from all around the world take part. The project has led to invaluable discoveries so far, and work is continued there for some more months.