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Missing Qajar Era Warship May Have Been Found


 17 October 2005



(MNA) -- The manager of the Haj Rais Restaurant in Bushehr recently called the experts of the Museum of Marine Industry of the Persian Gulf, saying the remains of a Qajar era warship have been found, the Persian service of CHN announced on Monday.

The "Persepolis" warship disappeared in the early 1980s, and there had been no news about its fate ever since.


It was the first warship from the time of Nasser ad-Din Shah to provide security against foreign attacks in the Persian Gulf . Germany gave the Persepolis to the agent of Nasser ad-Din Shah of the Qajar dynasty in the 19th century.


Expert of the center, Kambiz Alampur, said that a series of studies must be carried out to prove that the remains belong to the Persepolis, and if proven, they will be carried to the Persian Gulf Museum.


The ship was of great value in suppressing potential rebellions and repulsing attacks. It was always well maintained and was in service until the beginning of the Pahlavi dynasty in the early 20th century.


After the ship was decommissioned, it was transferred to Abbasak Island and was docked there. But the ship disappeared in the early years after the victory and the establishment of commercial companies on the island.


Bushehr Studies Foundation Chairman Abdolkarim Mashayekh had earlier said, “We were curious about the fate of the ship, and we found out that the Persepolis had become an obstacle for ships traveling to the island, so the shipping companies seem to have destroyed the ship. There is no longer any sign of the Persepolis.”


The Marine and Space Research Center of Malek Ashtar Industrial University intends to build a replica of the ship by making use of the vessel’s handful of remaining pictures.