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Oldest Dinosaur Fossil Found


18 October 2005

Fossil of the world’s oldest dinosaur has been discovered in the Jâm region of Bushehr province, reported ISNA.

The dinosaur was believed to have roamed the earth some 140-195 million years ago. The fossil comprises of 160 fragments of bones which, if conjoined, takes the shape of a giant creature resembling an alligator measuring six to eight meters in length.

An Iranian researcher, Badiheh Dashti, said that this unique fossil belonged to an aquatic dinosaur whose exact shape is still unknown.

In fact, zoologists can make out the dinosaur’s skeleton by considering the size of its vertebrae and horn.

Dashti noted that the fossil was discovered about four years ago and research conducted on the fossil proves that Jâm is the site where the first humans appeared.

“This fossil presumably dates back to the Jurassic geological era (first to third geological era). The geological era and the species of the dinosaur still have to be determined by a team of top experts,“ she added.

Dashti pointed out that each vertebra of this fossil measures between two to five centimeters.

The skull of the fossil is similar to that of a snake and alligator and the jaw is located in the middle.

The fossil is strikingly similar to a 40-meter dinosaur which can be seen in London’s Natural History Museum.