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ICHTO Fails to Stop Illegal Excavations Near Persepolis


21 October 2005

While illegal excavations continue unabated in the vicinity of Persepolis (Takht-e Jamshid), Iran’s Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization (ICHTO) has not taken any action to counter such offenses, warned the writer of a book named after the monument.

Speaking to the Persian daily Jaam-e Jam, Habibollah Pourabdollah, a researcher, pointed out that most of the illegal excavations are focused on an Achaemenid cemetery located on a mountain in the northern section of Persepolis.

Diggers raise tomb stones using spare parts including jacks to look for antiques, he complained.

Meanwhile, director of Parse Pasargad Foundation Mohammad Hossein Talebian confirmed the news and said that such illegal operations will continue as long as residents of the region do not steadfastly collaborate with the organization.

Noting the decline in excavations in recent years, Talebian further said he is not aware of recent violations.

Describing the security system in the historical site of Choqazanbil in Shoush, Khuzestan province, as noteworthy, he said that without the presence of local guards, the historical monument will never become safe from theft.

Talebian criticized the ICHTO for not dealing with smugglers on the pretext that it lies within the jurisdiction of Islamic Republic of Iran Police.

Although the use of metal detectors is banned in Iran, no institute has taken measures to prevent the widespread use of this device, he concluded.