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Ancient Bam City in Pieces and for Sale


News Category: Cultural Disaster

 31 October 2005



Sale of the historical-natural treasures of Bam city, which has been registered in the World Heritage list, by one of the influential residence of Bam which is connected to the ruling clerics (in Iran known as Âqâ-zâdegân), has attracted a large number of buyers to the area.

A large number of the axels and scaffolds in the vicinity of the world-registered lands, have been plundered by the buyers. Experts believe that government has the responsibility to protect this historical area before the international community.

Most of the buyers who headed to Bam to purchase the lands are underprivileged people of Bam. They have detached the axels, which were set for determine the vicinity of the registered lands and asked the labors not to set them again. The lands belong to one of the affluent and novo-rich residents of the city, and the transaction of them is not forbidden, but the buyers are not aware of the fact that any construction in the lands is forbidden at all.

“Regarding the fact that the area is registered in World Heritage List, any kind of construction in the vicinity is illegal. Those who are selling the lands are abusing the people’s unawareness. During the last two days some of the poles, which were set to protect the historical site, have been detached,” says Shahryar Adl, an expert in Iran’s Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization.

The cheap price of the lands has caused a situation and a lot of people have applied for buying them so far.

According to Adl, the Bam Salvation Project group accidentally became aware of the selling of the lands.

Experts believe that if nothing is done in this respect legally, the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization and the municipality of Bam city will face a lot of requests for construction in the area and this historical site will be under threat.

The historical – Natural fault of Bam is registered in the World Heritage List. There are some chains of the unknown historical civilizations of the South eastern of Iran next to Bam Citadel. The main part of the east of Bam city belongs to Gheshmi, who is selling the lands. These areas were determined to become green belt.

The city of Bam is well-known by the historical citadel of Arg-e-Bam which is more than 2000- year-old, and was destroyed on December 26, 2003 Bam earthquake. 


Bam Citadel is the largest earthen complex in the world. This historical monument is located on an igneous hill, on the verge of the Silk Road. It has an area of some 240,000 square meters.