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September 2005


"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."


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30 Sep: Search for potters’ graves set to begin at Burnt City

30 Sep: Animal footprints discovered on Chogha Zanbil bricks

29 Sep: World Renowned Archaeologists Come to Burnt City

28 Sep: Burnt City Artifacts to Be Displayed

28 Sep: Sacred Cow Statue Discovered in Mazandaran

28 Sep: Smugglers of Ancient Relics Causing Irrevocable Damage to Zahak Castle

27 Sep: Ruins of Achaemenid gardens discovered near Persepolis

27 Sep: Iran and China Shared Creatures 500-million Years Ago

26 Sep: Archeological Studies Underway at Shoghab Historical Site

26 Sep: Civil Projects Need ICHTO Approval

26 Sep: French Officials Obstruct Parisians’ View of Iran’s Starry Nights

25 Sep: 377-million-year-old Fish Fossils Identified in Iran

25 Sep: New finds show dates were staple of Achaemenid diet

25 Sep: Tent to become Persepolis Information Center

24 Sep: Bam Citadel to Host Adobe Workshop

24 Sep: Avestan Script, History's First Phonological Alphabet

24 Sep: Lost Volumes of "Beihaqi History" Rewritten

24 Sep: Izeh Artifacts Will Be Handed Over to Energy Ministry

24 Sep: Isfahan Metro Threatens Safavid Era Fountains

24 Sep: Iran’s Ecosystem, Victim to Nonstandard Dams

24 Sep: New Activities Revive Takht-e- Suleiman

23 Sep: Submersion of Pasargadae & Persepolis, a Negative-Rumour to Divert Attention from the Real Threats

22 Sep: Humidity Changes, the Only Threat to Pasargadae

22 Sep: Iran to Rebuild Spectacular Tent City at Persepolis

21 Sep: First Human Settlement Identified at Jaam

21 Sep: Dež bâr (Falak-ol-Aflak) Castle, A Reminder of Ancient Civilization

21 Sep: Italians in Bam Citadel

20 Sep: Japanese Experts to create 3D Bam Citadel

19 Sep: Indian Peninsula Under Achaemenid Influence

19 Sep: Achaemenid Evidence Rises in Soltaniyeh

19 Sep: Atlas on Ancient Iranian Silverware Under Compilation

19 Sep: Professor Alizadeh's Letter to Guardian: "The Evil Empire" or "Evil Intentions"

18 Sep: Polo, Iran’s Ancient Sport Becomes International

18 Sep: Germans Explore Bolaghi Metal Mines

18 Sep: Turkey Celebrates Persian Poet Birthday

17 Sep: Persepolis Erosion Worrisome

17 Sep: Ancient Military Castle Discovered in Ardebil

17 Sep: Unauthorized Construction Work Threatening Historical Abyaneh

17 Sep: 2500-year-old Agriculture Survives in Uramanat

17 Sep: Azadi [Shahyâd-e Aryâmehr] Tower in State of Disrepair

17 Sep: Kings and Legends of Ancient Persia

17 Sep: A Number Of Works of Art Unearthed In Parion Ancient City

16 Sep: Yazd’s Ganjali Khan Caravanserai Receives UNESCO Award

16 Sep: Iran's 72-hectare Acropolis deserted

16 Sep: Iran’s Stars to Flicker in Paris

15 Sep: American Archaeologists Help Excavate the First Ever Academic Town in the World

15 Sep: Tracing Dinosaurs in Central Iran

15 Sep: Unique Art of the Achaemenids Lives Forever

14 Sep: Ancient Mound Halts Qaemshahr Road Project

14 Sep: Czech' Persian Treasure Turns Out To Be a Fake

14 Sep: Neanderthals Lived in Kermanshah Caves

14 Sep: Eskandar Dam Conquered by Iranian-English Archaeologists

14 Sep: Simorgh, 2005 WTD Symbol in Iran

14 Sep: Resurrection of Women's Polo Since Ancient Times

13 Sep: Sivand Dam Will Submerge Historical Bolaghi Pass; No Physical Threat to Pasargadae and Persepolis

13 Sep: Burnt City, Ancient Regional Capital for a Millennium

13 Sep: Forgotten Empire to Eternalize Persian Gulf

13 Sep: Iran’s 72-hectare Acropolis Deserted

13 Sep: French Archaeologists to Find Traces of Transition in Iran

13 Sep: Tajikistan, Custodian of Aryan Civilization in 2006

12 Sep: Why the Greeks Were Green with Envy

12 Sep: French Archaeologists Investigate Kura-Araxes Culture in Northwestern Iran

12 Sep: Karoun-3 Artifacts Bound for National Museum

12 Sep: Hotel Construction is Destroying Ancient Zoroastrian Cemetery in Southern Iran

12 Sep: Pasargadae Will Never Drown

12 Sep: Delegan Cemetery Plundered of its Heritage

12 Sep: Energy Ministry Allegedly Ready to Protect Sivand Heritage

12 Sep: Publication of Historical Maps of the Persian Gulf

12 Sep: Buddhist Structures Dug up in Bamiyan

12 Sep: Yazd province Owns Most Glorious Cultural Heritage in Iran

11 Sep: Forgotten Empire Challenges Historical Distortions

11 Sep: Guardian Reporter Questions BM View on Ancient Persia

11 Sep: 3000-Year Old Piece to be Performed at Persepolis

11 Sep: Remains of Cretaceous reptiles discovered in northeastern Iran

11 Sep: Rodent Bones and Paleolithic Tools Dug up in Isfahan

11 Sep: Behind the Iran curtain

10 Sep: Mazandaran historical sites, victims of Alborz Dam

10 Sep: Jiroft Fossils Are Eight Million Years Old

10 Sep: ICHTO approves Forgotten Empire’s journey to Spain

10 Sep: Abyianeh Registration Process Will Be Complete by March

10 Sep: Imperial Sasanid Coins in the Royal Entourage of “Forgotten Empire"

10 Sep: Islamic Republic & Cultural Terrorism

09 Sep: Persia’s “Forgotten Empire” back in the limelight

09 Sep: Unique Statue of Persian Goddess Uncovered Near Prague

09 Sep: One of the Finest Depictions of an Ancient Civilisation in BM

08 Sep: Mercouri Prize Puts Maymand Village in Spotlight

07 Sep: Hills Surrounding Burnt City Could Have Been Satellite Villages

07 Sep: US forces should take a lesson from the Persian kings

07 Sep: Pasargadae and Mausoleum of Cyrus the Great Not Expected to be Submerged

07 Sep: Underground Cubbyholes Surface in Bam Citadel

07 Sep: Discovery of Unknown Wall in Arg-e-Bam

06 Sep: Achaemenid Era Cemeteries Discovered in Gilan

05 Sep: Historical Maps of the Persian Gulf Printed

05 Sep: Ancient Food Storage Discovered in Bam Citadel

05 Sep: Italian Archaeological Mission in Parthian city of Old-Nisa (External Link)

05 Sep: Letter: Safe & sound - Sivand dam is posing NO threat to Pasargadae

04 Sep: Ganj-Namé Cable Car Project Challenged

04 Sep: Capital of Musasir Government in Northwest Iran

03 Sep: 12,000-year-old Animal Bones Found in Mazandaran Caves

03 Sep: Farmers Threaten Daqyanus Ancient Site

03 Sep: Scientists Conduct DNA Tests at Kharand

03 Sep: Burial gifts found in Islamic era graves in Savadkuh

03 Sep: World Renowned Archaeologists Attend Siraf Conference

02 Sep: Illegal Excavations in Mazandaran

02 Sep: Historic School Unearthed in Tus

01 Sep: Manichaeanism - the Iranian 'Religion of Light' Emerges From the Shadows







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