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World Renowned Archaeologists Attend Siraf Conference




03 September 2005


The international conference of Siraf will be held in Bushehr, south of Iran, with of some of the most famous archaeologists of the world attending, from 15th to 17 of November 2005.

Due to lack of facilities in the area, the program was once postponed from last April to the coming November. However, the area is not yet completely prepared for the event.

Head of Bushehr’s Iranology Center, Abdolkarim Mashayekhi, says that the papers sent to the conference office by foreign guests have been studied and 8 of them have been invited to take part in the congress.

Moreover, some 118 papers have been sent by domestic experts, 60 of which are selected and to be published for the program.

The historical harbor of Siraf stretches along the Persian Gulf shore toward the nearby foothills for 4 kilometers in Bushehr province. Some parts of the area which is the oldest harbor of Iran today are known as Taheri harbor.

During the first centuries Hejira, Siraf was the most important and affluent marine commerce port of Iran through which Iran had relations with countries such as India, North Africa, and the neighborhood regions. After an earthquake which took place in the 4th century Hejira, some parts of the harbor drowned and it lost its role as a business hub.

Siraf has not been yet registered on Iran’s list of national heritage and requires better preservation and maintenance.

Professors from universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and Durham are among the Siraf experts who will come to Iran this coming November.

Since some of the invaluable evidence from the Parthian, Sassanid, and the beginning of the Islamic era are remaining in Siraf port, it is considered a key source in proving the Iranian identity of the Persian Gulf against groundless claims by the neighboring Arab countries over its possession.