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Unique Statue of Persian Goddess Uncovered Bear Prague




09 September 2005


Czech archaeologists have uncovered a unique seal shaped as the Persian fertility Goddess Anahita from the period of the Migration of the Nations near Prague, archaeologist Petr Charvat told CTK today.

"It is a completely unique finding," Charvat, an expert in oriental cultures, said, adding that it can be compared to the renowned ancient statue of "Venus of Vestonice" from south Moravia or the bronze bull statue found in the cave Byci skala at Adamov, south Moravia.

Archaeologist David Danicek found the Anahita statue on the same spot where he uncovered an ancient burial ground from the period of the Migration of the Nations (4th-5th centuries A.D) during his research. He said that a grave of a woman "of higher social rank" can be hidden there as well.

The closest similar findings come from the Rhine River Basin where archaeologists have excavated a grave full of weapons and decorations. The so far first Czech finding of this kind, unique in its shape, dates back to the same period, Danicek added.

"It is a sitting or half-kneeling woman's figure in a long green coat with a golden hook and probably a golden necklace who is hiding her face behind a book or a codex or maybe a couple of ivory plates. The lower part of the statue, which is apparently formed as a seal, is decorated with an erotic motive," Charvat said, describing the statue.


Source: Prague Daily Monitor





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